Get more Pinterest Traffic with Pinterest SEO
11th May 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is a huge source of traffic, often out ranking Google as the number one traffic source for many websites. But optimizing for Pinterest search isn’t a topic that’s much talked about and general SEO advice isn’t exactly the best fit for Pinterest SEO. When it comes to optimizing your content for Pinterest search, there […]

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How to increase blog ad revenue in just ten minutes
19th February 2016

2 Quick Ways to Increase Blog Ad Revenue

Increasing blog ad revenue is not one of the most easy things when it comes to making an income online. Getting a decent ad revenue you can live on from your blog requires high traffic numbers. But, if you have great traffic on your blog or are using ad spots, you should be making the most of […]

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Is Wordpress or Squarespace better for SEO?
23rd September 2015

Is WordPress or SquareSpace Better for SEO?

There’s a debate brewing. Which is better for SEO: Squarespace or WordPress? Will you gain any SEO positives from switching from WordPress to Squarespace? Squarespace has certainly been growing in popularity as more and more bloggers are turning to the platform for a beautiful way to get content out into the world. But is it better for […]

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How to choose the right Pinterest categories for your blog content as a blogger so you can grow your blog with Pinterest.
16th September 2015

How to Choose the Right Pinterest Category for your Content

There’s no doubt about it—Pinterest is often the number one source of traffic for blogger. In fact, I’d venture to say that Pinterest can be the most powerful social media tool for your blog’s growth. There’s a number of reasons behind this conclusion, ranging from increased traffic to great SEO benefits for your blog. But navigating […]

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3 things you need to know about yourself to be a successful blogger
5th August 2015

Three Things You Must Have to Be a Successful Blogger

Do you have what it takes to become a successful blogger? Find out the 3 must-haves for any blogger with big goals.

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Make your blog audience love you with this revolutionary secret of top bloggers from @kimherrington_
20th May 2015

The Secret to Make Your Audience Love You

Do you crave a deep and genuine connection with your audience? We all want to be a trusted resource for our blog readers so they come back time and time again, purchase our products and services, and become advocates of our brand. The problem is that many times we miss that mark and many of […]

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I rebranded and split my company into two parts and learned a lot in the process. It has to do with writing for the right audience online and serving the right customers with your business. Here's what I learned!
8th May 2015

Why I Moved to

Rebranding your blog is a huge endeavor you shouldn’t take lightly! I’ve just launched two new sites, rebranded from Bear & Beagle Creative. If you’ve ended up here from Bear & Beagle Creative, you might be in the right place—or you might not! It all has to do with speaking to the right audience’s needs […]

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24th February 2015

Reporting to Marketers after a Sponsored Post

You’ve been hired to do a sponsored post. Congrats! But now what should you do after (and before) you publish the post to best serve your new clients? Today I’m talking all about how to best work with marketers for sponsored posts. It takes a bit of preparation before hand to do a sponsored post […]

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5th February 2015

Choosing the Perfect Social Media Platform for Your Blog

Navigating social media can be a huge chore for bloggers and business owners. Some of us love social and the connections we make. But when you’re looking for the most bang for your buck with your social media time and budget, you need to make sure you’re focusing on the right platform. So which social […]

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