23rd October 2014

Developing a Basic SEO Strategy: Video

Did you know that search engine optimization can be a great way to attract more leads and score more readers and customers? Today is allĀ about the basic steps you need to take to implement SEO for your website. What SEO Really Means for Your Website We all think that SEO is the magic bullet that […]

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Creating a blog manifesto is a great way to keep your blog on track and know what your blog is really about! This guide from @kimherrington_ has a great worksheet for a blog manifesto!
21st October 2014

Using a Blog Manifesto to Keep Your Direction

I’ve been blogging for a long time now. One of my blogs is coming up on a 5 year anniversary, but truth be told, I’ve been writing on the internet for over a decade. One thing that’s really helped me stay the course has been a blog manifesto. Creating one of these can help you […]

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9th October 2014

Pinterest Changes Their Stream: Video

If you’ve been spending time on Pinterest lately, you might have noticed your home feed is looking a bit different. Noticed little text on pins that says “Related Pins?” How about pins from people you don’t actually follow? Well, that’s because Pinterest changed. And you need to know about it! You can watch the video […]

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Using autoresponders on your blog is a great way to keep your audience engaged after they sign up for a newsletter from your blog. This is a great post on autoresponders for bloggers by @kimherrington_
7th October 2014

Should Your Blog Use Autoresponders?

Have you ever visited a website, liked what you read and decided to sign up for updates only to never hear from the website ever again? In fact, it probably happens more than you even remember. The thing is humans have pretty short memories when it comes to the endless amounts of content we encounter […]

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2nd October 2014

Tips for Better Blog Photos: Video

Wonder how to take better photos for your blog content to gain more traffic? This week’s Build Your Blog Vlog is all about three simple things you can do to take better photos. It’s not difficult to learn how to take better photos for platforms like Pinterest. All it takes is some know how and […]

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If you feel slimy about doing online marketing for your blog, you're doing it wrong! Marketing your blog is a great way to achieve your goals and make connections, not just sell yourself.
25th September 2014

Is Blogging an Online Marketing Ploy?

Do you think that blogging is a marketing ploy? Feel slimy about using online marketing for your business? Let me convince you why you should reconsider. Why Online Marketing can be Scammy I have a lot of discussions with business owners throughout my day. Every so often, I’ll talk to a business owner who is […]

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Are you in a blogging rut? Here's three things to do to stop a blogging lull and start rocking your blog again from @kimherrington_
23rd September 2014

Three Steps to Get Out of a Blogging Rut

I recently came down with a stomach bug and it really threw my schedule out the window. I’m feeling fine now but my momentum is certainly suffering after a few days of laying on the couch and binge watching television shows while slipping in and out of sleep. My blogging momentum is completely gone! I’ve […]

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18th September 2014

Video Tutorial: Enable Demographics & Interest Reports

You’ve probably heard me talk about Google Analytic’s Demographic & Interest reports in the past. It’s a super easy process to enable these reports on your website. All you need is access to your Google Analytics code, your Google Analytics account, and the ability to change your privacy policy. You can do this task in […]

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Don't let 404 errors ruin your website! Here's how to quickly and easily fix all of the errors on your blog from @kimherrington_
16th September 2014

How to Find 404 Errors on Your Blog

To serve your readers the best, you never want to send someone to a post or page that doesn’t exist on your website. When you do, you’re sending someone to a 404 error page. What does that mean? And how do you fix it? In reality, there are lots of other kinds of errors your […]

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11th September 2014

My Top 3 Blogging Mistakes

I’ve been blogging for a long time and a lot of people think I’m a pretty awesome blogger. In reality, I’ve struggled just as much as you might be struggling right now to get my blogging act together and make it achieve the goals I have. In today’s video, I talk about my top 3 […]

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