4th September 2014

What Is Bounce Rate: Video

Wondering what bounce rate means? Don’t know what to do with bounce rate to make your website better? This week I’m talking about why you should focus on your bounce rate and what it means for your website. It’s all about how visitors engage with your content! What is Bounce Rate & How to Fix […]

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28th August 2014

Blog Building Tips for Introverts : Video

Are you an introvert who struggles with building relationships with other bloggers? This video is for you! I’m a huge extrovert but wanted to share some tips on how introverts can take advantage of the tools bloggers have as well as play off of extroverts to help build their blogs.  Watch this video about introverts […]

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Email templates for introverts are a great way to build your blog and connect with other bloggers even if you're not super outgoing! This is a great method for blog building from @kimherrington_
26th August 2014

Email Templates for Social Media Leads

One of the best ways to generate website traffic and leads to your website is through relationships with other bloggers and influencers in your niche. Social media platforms are great places to start building relationships with your audience members. Consider it networking for the digital age! I covered why and how you should use social media in my two-part […]

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21st August 2014

How to Create a Lead Magnet: Video

This week on the Build Your Blog Vlog, I’m answering a question from the Google + group from Nikki Spencer. Nikki asked about how to create a great lead magnet for her new blogging project. Watch this week’s video and don’t forget to like it on Youtube if it helped you! Video Transcript: Hey bloggers! Welcome […]

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These activities are all great ways to find blog inspiration and start getting things done for your blog from @kimherrington_
5th August 2014

10 Ways to Find Blog Inspiration

There are thousands of ways to find blog inspiration—but it’s one of the most common questions I’m asked. How do I find inspiration for blog posts? Since I write for a lot of different places every day, keeping inspiration high and time spent frustrated is important. I don’t have time to spend wishing a great […]

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31st July 2014

Increase your Bloglovin Followers: Video

Bloglovin’ is an important tool for many bloggers, especially those in the lifestyle and fashion niche. But how can you grow your blog using Bloglovin’ to gain followers? Try these tips to increase your blog’s readership through Bloglovin’.

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Choosing the right blog posting schedule can increase your readership and make your blog more successful and manageable! Try this activity from @kimherrington_ that helped me make my blog better!
29th July 2014

Choosing a Blog Posting Schedule

You might have noticed there have been far fewer posts recently than in the past here. I’ve changed my posting schedule to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays, rather than four times a week. Why? It comes down to choosing an appropriate posting schedule for your blog and what sort of information should inform your decision. 

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24th July 2014

10 Things All Bloggers Must Know: Video

This week’s Build Your Blog Vlog is all about the ten things all bloggers must know (and do) to be successful. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 10 Things All Bloggers Must Know: Video Transcript Hey bloggers! I’m Kim Herrington of Bear & Beagle Creative. Every week I answer blogging questions sent in […]

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17th July 2014

Do You Need a Blog Media Kit: Video

Do you need a media kit for your blog? As a marketer, I always look for media kits when looking for bloggers for partnerships. They’re a huge asset and shouldn’t be overlooked by bloggers. But what should you include in one? Watch the above video for a quick overview of media kits. Looking for the […]

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10th July 2014

How to Differentiate Your Blog: Video

One of the most common problems for bloggers, both new and veteran, is making sure that their blog is unique and differentiated from everyone else’s. You need to differentiate your blog comes by showing your unique style and life experiences that formed you into who you are! In this week’s Build Your Blog Vlog, I answer […]

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