3rd July 2014

Build Your Blog Vlog: How to Recover Falling Traffic

Help! My blog traffic is falling! How can I recover my stats? This week’s Build Your Blog Vlog is all about blogging traffic and how to figure out why your traffic is falling. Don’t forget to join the Google+ group to discuss blogging and hang out with other bloggers online! Video Transcript: Hey Bloggers! Welcome […]

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26th June 2014

Minimizing Time on Social Media Without Sacrifice

This week’s Build Your Blog Vlog is all about how you can stop spending so much time on social media without reducing the number of profitable and positive interactions and connections you make with your social media channels. It’s a big problem for most business owners. How do you handle social media and building your […]

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19th June 2014

Blogging Inspiration, Creating Appealing Content, and Differentiating Yourself

Every week, I answer a question that I receive in email, blog comments, or in the Build Your Blog G+ Community. This week’s question is from Jessika of JessClassy.com and she asks: As of recent, I struggle with putting out content that my readers like. I know hey like beauty content, but sometimes I just […]

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What is SEO? And what do you need to know about SEO as a blogger? Get the details from @kimherrington_
13th June 2014

What Is SEO?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is an important part of building a strong online presence for your brand. But most people have no idea what it is! In truth, defining SEO is pretty simple when you take out all the technical jargon and turn it into something fun. 

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