How 10 Blog Posts Produced 992.78% More Traffic For One Course Creator

How I Helped Paul Jarvis

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Goal: Increase Traffic Without Spammy Practices

Paul wanted to get more people to his MailChimp training website and sell more courses beyond people who had already heard of him. He sold most of his courses through his reputation and newsletter but wasn’t great at attracting people who had never heard of him before. But Paul wasn't convinced that SEO could work for him without sacrificing his high ethical standards for digital marketing.

Result: Paul Believes in the Power of SEO

After working together to improve his site's technical SEO and create 10 simple cornerstone articles, Paul watched his traffic build to 992.78% more just from search engines within 8 months. Since our work together, traffic from search continues to be a successful source of traffic for Paul's website without any additional work.

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Paul Jarvis -

Increased Traffic With Ethical Practices

Paul and I worked together to make some small technical changes to his website to help Google better understand his website and then produced 10 cornerstone articles. The article topics were the result of careful SEO research targeting his ideal audience and what they were searching. To write the articles, I provided Paul with outlines of each article with major points needed for SEO as well as specific keywords for each section. After creating the articles, I provided Paul with feedback on how to make changes to the articles for maximum SEO effect. 

SEO Services:

  • Technial SEO Fixes
  • Keyword Research
  • Article Outlines
  • Article Markup

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