How an Influencer Grew and Diversified Website Traffic Sources

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Goal: Diversify Traffic Streams While Growing

Sue De Chiara is an interior design influencer that had built a strong following on social media but was worried about depending entirely on social platforms for her website traffic. She wanted to diversify her traffic sources to include organic search traffic while growing her readership. Sue needed to figure out how to even out peaks and valleys of social media traffic with sustained traffic diversity.

Result: Increased Traffic and Better Traffic Diversity

Sue's organic search traffic increased 67% in a single month after launching technical SEO improvements, jumping from around 3,000 organic search visits to 5,000 per month. Her traffic continued to build over the next 11 months, growing 216% to around 9,500 visits from organic search. As well, the percentage of all traffic from search increased from 7.1% to 23.3% for the same time period and improved her traffic diversity.

"Kim was so great to work with! She helped an SEO newbie like me get comfortable with the why and the how behind all the important SEO terms. Once I felt more comfortable navigating this complicated world, it opened my eyes to even more opportunities. Kim's educational explanation of SEO was a huge jumping off point for me. In addition, Kim also set up my site in an organized way. Making it easier for me to continue with the great work we did together!"

Sue De Chiara -

SEO Best Practices for Growth

We worked together to make technical SEO improvements to Sue's website as well as teach Sue the keys to creating content for her website with search engines in mind. I also recommended blog post topics for Sue to create based on high search volumes and low difficulty to rank that Sue implemented on her own with my guidance. These blog posts drive continual search traffic to her site and rank highly for high volume search terms related to interior design.

SEO Services:

  • Technical SEO Improvements
  • Image Compression Automation
  • Content Reorganization
  • Keyword Research
  • Blog Post Recommendations

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