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Create a 2017 marketing plan for your day to day marketing activities and marketing mix
2nd January 2017

How to Create a Meaningful Marketing Plan for Your Business

I’m sure you know what you want to achieve in 2017—but do you know what to focus on to get you there? Daily marketing tasks are some of the most important parts of your business when it comes to getting new customers in 2017. But you might be spending your time and money on the wrong marketing mix. The […]

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24th February 2015

Reporting to Marketers after a Sponsored Post

You’ve been hired to do a sponsored post. Congrats! But now what should you do after (and before) you publish the post to best serve your new clients? Today I’m talking all about how to best work with marketers for sponsored posts. It takes a bit of preparation before hand to do a sponsored post […]

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8th January 2015

How to Set up Site Search in Google Analytics

Do you want to find out what people are searching for on your own website, not how they got to your website from Google Analytics? There’s a nifty tool inside of Google Analytics that shows you what people search for on your site called Site Search. But it’s not enabled automatically and you need to […]

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6th November 2014

What to Do About Google Analytics’ Not Provided

Today I’m going to cover the frustrations we’re all feeling since (not provided) as become so much more prevalent in Google Analytics. What is Not Provided? For a long time Google provided keywords in our reports for organic search traffic from Google. This allowed us to really dig deep into how people were getting to […]

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18th September 2014

Video Tutorial: Enable Demographics & Interest Reports

You’ve probably heard me talk about Google Analytic’s Demographic & Interest reports in the past. It’s a super easy process to enable these reports on your website. All you need is access to your Google Analytics code, your Google Analytics account, and the ability to change your privacy policy. You can do this task in […]

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4th September 2014

What Is Bounce Rate: Video

Wondering what bounce rate means? Don’t know what to do with bounce rate to make your website better? This week I’m talking about why you should focus on your bounce rate and what it means for your website. It’s all about how visitors engage with your content! What is Bounce Rate & How to Fix […]

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10th July 2014

How to Differentiate Your Blog: Video

One of the most common problems for bloggers, both new and veteran, is making sure that their blog is unique and differentiated from everyone else’s. You need to differentiate your blog comes by showing your unique style and life experiences that formed you into who you are! In this week’s Build Your Blog Vlog, I answer […]

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3rd July 2014

Build Your Blog Vlog: How to Recover Falling Traffic

Help! My blog traffic is falling! How can I recover my stats? This week’s Build Your Blog Vlog is all about blogging traffic and how to figure out why your traffic is falling. Don’t forget to join the Google+ group to discuss blogging and hang out with other bloggers online! Video Transcript: Hey Bloggers! Welcome […]

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