Google's new popup penalty targets websites with annoying popups that get between users and content on mobile.
31st August 2016

Google’s New Popup Penalty & What it Means

Google will start penalizing websites that use intrusive popups, which means lower rankings or even being removed from search results entirely. Learn more about the Popup Penalty and what it means for your site.

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12th August 2016

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are essential to SEO—but can be tricky at first to understand. If you want to learn what meta tags are and how to use them with SEO, read on! Learn all you need to know about meta tags, how to use them, and the different types you need to know about.

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Essential Guide to fixing 404 errors on your website
7th June 2016

404 Errors: Essential Guide

404 errors popping up in your Google Search Console reports or showing up in Google Analytics? Take a deep breath and don’t panic.

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Don't let 404 errors ruin your website! Here's how to quickly and easily fix all of the errors on your blog from @kimherrington_
16th September 2014

How to Find 404 Errors on Your Blog

To serve your readers the best, you never want to send someone to a post or page that doesn’t exist on your website. When you do, you’re sending someone to a 404 error page. What does that mean? And how do you fix it? In reality, there are lots of other kinds of errors your […]

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