Find new keyword ideas with Pinterest
11th May 2016

How to Find Keyword Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great source of keyword ideas thanks to Guided Search and provides a lot of insight into how and what people are searching for on the platform. It’s also a great way to find new keyword ideas!

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Is Wordpress or Squarespace better for SEO?
23rd September 2015

Is WordPress or SquareSpace Better for SEO?

There’s a debate brewing. Which is better for SEO: Squarespace or WordPress? Will you gain any SEO positives from switching from WordPress to Squarespace? Squarespace has certainly been growing in popularity as more and more bloggers are turning to the platform for a beautiful way to get content out into the world. But is it better for […]

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Looking for places to learn SEO? Look no further than this comprehensive list of SEO resources and how to start learning about SEO for bloggers from @kimherrington_
3rd February 2015

5 Best Ways to Learn SEO

Whether you’re a blogger or a small business owner, SEO can make a huge difference in your ability to attract new readers, visitors, and customers. Fortunately, there are thousands of resources out there to learn SEO. Sorting through which ones are good and which ones to avoid can be problematic, however, for new comers to […]

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30th October 2014

3 Scariest SEO Mistakes

This week is a special SEO video for Halloween. I see a lot of SEO mistakes that bloggers make all the time. I share the three most common SEO mistakes I see made over and over again and some explanations about what changes you can make to improve your SEO. (Don’t worry, it’s not really […]

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23rd October 2014

Developing a Basic SEO Strategy: Video

Did you know that search engine optimization can be a great way to attract more leads and score more readers and customers? Today is all about the basic steps you need to take to implement SEO for your website. What SEO Really Means for Your Website We all think that SEO is the magic bullet that […]

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