SEO for Coaches: Build Your Audience and Get Clients

Struggling to get new clients for your coaching business? Search engine optimization can help you build an audience and get in front of people looking for your coaching services.

Best Pinterest Board Names for Traffic Growth

The best Pinterest board titles can help your pins be more relevant and show up in home feeds and Pinterest search results. Learn how to optimize your Pinterest board titles for increased visibility for your Pinterest account and more traffic to your website.

Podcast Show Notes SEO: How to Rank a Podcast

Over the last few years, I’ve been asked a number of questions by my clients how to best optimize their podcasts for SEO to get the most benefits out of their work on their shows. With the rise of podcasts, there’s a lot you can do with SEO to increase your listeners of your podcast and to help drive more traffic to your website with podcasts!

How to Make a Featured Board on Pinterest

Learn how to add featured boards in your account’s Pinterest Showcase to drive engagement, clicks, and even product purchases from your Pinterest profile.

How to Write Pinterest Board Descriptions

Pinterest board descriptions can help your pins be seen by more people and help you gain more traffic from search. But following board description best practices is key to success.

Find The Best Pinterest Board Ideas for Your Business

Starting off with Pinterest board ideas is a great way to make sure you’re aligning your Pinterest marketing with your overall marketing strategy and audience. The best Pinterest boards help your audience discover your content and provide a curated way for your audience to explore more about your business niche.

How to Create Pinterest Boards

One of the most important parts of your business account on Pinterest is your boards. Boards help your pins get in front of the right audience and help your audience discover your curated content and content from your website.

Why Are My Google Ads Not Working?

You started a Google Ads campaign—and then crickets. Nothing happens. You don’t get a flood of traffic and you’re not getting more customers. So you find yourself asking: Why aren’t my Google Ads working? This happens a lot more than you’d expect for new advertisers on Google’s ad platform!

How to Find a Google Adwords Expert

It’s easy to get burned by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing with Google Ads, so making sure that who you hire to manage your Google Ad campaigns knows what they’re doing is essential. But it can be hard to know how to hire someone for a job you know almost nothing about.

How to Improve Your Google Ads Conversion Rate

Seeing lackluster results from Google Ads? Improving your Google Ads conversion rate may be the secret towards more effective Google Ads campaigns for your business.