I’m so happy that you want to get in touch. But before you get in touch, please read the FAQ below!

Common Questions

Q. Do you offer SEO and digital marketing services? I don’t really want to learn this and want to hand it off to an expert.

Yes! Although you can find all kinds of great resources to learn digital marketing and learn SEO on my site, I know that not everyone wants to do that. I offer one-on-one coaching but if you’re looking for more hands-off services, head on over to my digital marketing agency website where I lead a team of pro marketers. Sorry, we currently only serve clients based in the US, Canada & Australia!

Q. Do you offer one-on-one coaching?

Yes! See more here.

Q. I’d like to talk to you about writing as a guest expert for my website, interviewing you on my website, or appearing on my podcast or videocast.

Sure! Go ahead and fill out the form with a few details of what you’re looking for. I serve as a guest expert for a lot of online publications, including GoDaddy and Tailwind, and for a few Facebook Groups and membership sites.

Q. I want to ask you about something else…

Fill out the contact form below! At worst, I’ll just say no.