2 Quick Ways to Increase Blog Ad Revenue

Increasing blog ad revenue is not one of the most easy things when it comes to making an income online. Getting a decent ad revenue you can live on from your blog requires high traffic numbers. But, if you have great traffic on your blog or are using ad spots, you should be making the most of it to generate as much ad revenue as you can no matter what your traffic counts! And that includes trying to increase blog ad revenue as much as you can.

Over the last few months, I’ve been working with Sarah at Yes and Yes to help her transition from doing one-on-one client work towards passive income from her blog. One of the things we’ve focused on has been increasing her ad revenues so she can reap all the benefits of her traffic.

In one month, we tripled Sarah’s ad revenue by making a few small changes anyone can do to their blog. 

I’m going to explain exactly how increased her ad revenues and how you can use these money making techniques on your blog to increase your blog ad revenues. Because you’re working hard for those readers so let’s make your ads work for you! And I promise, none of these changes are slimy, shady, or will make you feel uncomfortable. 100% on the up and up!

Increase Blog Ad Revenues with Two Quick Fixes

Let’s first get something out of the way.

Increasing ad revenue typically means increasing your page views. More views, more ads served, more ad revenue, right? Increasing page views is typically a long-term strategy that involves hard work at marketing your blog to increase viewership and build a larger audience.

However, what if you could increase the number of pages viewed per session with your existing traffic and increase your blog ad revenue without any new readers? Yup, it’s possible in about ten minutes. And without feeling like you need to sell your soul.

That’s what these two quick fixes do. They make the most of your current traffic. Over the long term, you’re still going to want to increase your readership. Cause you know you want new readers too!

Make More Blog Ad Revenue By Adding a Read More Split

Right now, is the entirety of your recent blog post showing on your main homepage? Probably. That’s how most blogs are setup from the start.

Don’t just give it away! When I see bloggers who give away all that content without making readers click through, I groan.

You could be making so much more in ad income with one teeny-weeny change!

By giving away your entire post without forcing your readers to click through to read the rest, you’re losing out on valuable page views. Your readers can read multiple posts by looking at one page, instead of having to look at multiple pages to read the entirety of your posts.

You can fix this by adding a Read More jump to your posts, or truncating your posts. If you’re a WordPress user, all you need to do is click the Read More button to add a Read More tag in your posts. It looks like this:

How to increase ad revenues quickly

Just write your post intro and click that puppy to make your post excerpt on your homepage! Now your readers will have to click through to see the rest of your post, generating twice as many views on ads as before.

For each post on your homepage, you just doubled your ad revenue without anything slimy or shadyBam. 

Isn’t that lovely? Three posts on your homepage feed? Your just tripled. Four? QUADRUPLED. See why the Read More button is your best buddy?

In order for this tactic to work, you need to do a couple of things:

  1. Make your “above the fold” content before the Read More tag as appealing as possible to entice clicks to the entirety of the post. Tease your readers!
  2. Ensure your home feed doesn’t look cluttered or strange with excerpted posts now that you’re not showing the post entirely. This might mean changing default post footer widgets. Keep it clean!

Increase Blog Ad Revenue By Forcing Feed Subscribers to Visit Your Site

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have a lot of subscribers who read your posts in feed readers, like Feedly, they will see the entirety of the post and you’re losing out on ad revenue because most of your ads, if not all of them, are in your sidebar.

Some feed subscription services do have programs to allow publishers (that’s you) to generate ad revenue from your content. But that’s few and far between and behind “You’re not important enough” walls. Feedly is opening a new program to help publishers optimize and monetize their feeds but it is still in beta. (Publisher Kit also allows you to use Google Analytics with Feedly too!)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like feed readers putting their own ads between my content and cashing in on my hard work. Do you like letting corporations piggyback off your work? Nope.

You can take care of this problem with one simple click, WordPress users. Go to Settings > Reading Settings and click this:

How to increase blog ad revenue easily

Ta da! Your posts are now only showing the summary of your content, or the bit you write before your Read More tag. RSS subscribers now have to click through to see your post content and will generate ad revenue when they come a-callin’!

There is a big caveat when trying to increase blog ad revenue this way, however.

Most feed reader subscribers don’t want to have to click because that’s the whole idea of a feed reader—one place to read your favorite content. They might just unsubscribe completely from your blog. If you see subscriber numbers drop, you might decide it’s not worth it if you have other effective ways of monetizing your audience.

So if you find that people hate you making them click you’ll want to find another way to make money off of their traffic. Maybe an e-book? A course? The options are open!

Making the Most of Your Blog Revenue

Ads are not the best way to monetize your blog, especially if your traffic counts are less than 10K a day. You’re just probably not going to make enough out of your traffic that way!

Instead, coming up with services or products that can help your audience on their journey might be a much better way to generate blog revenue and make the most of your blog.

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