Should Your Blog Use Autoresponders?

Have you ever visited a website, liked what you read and decided to sign up for updates only to never hear from the website ever again? In fact, it probably happens more than you even remember. The thing is humans have pretty short memories when it comes to the endless amounts of content we encounter every day.

If you’re not doing something to be at the top of people’s minds, you’re going to be forgotten. This is where autoresponders come in. They can make a huge difference in building relationships with your new readers.

Best Uses for Autoresponders

There are three common ways to use autoresponders:

  • Autoresponders for products or lead magnet item delivery
  • Autoresponders for thank you, confirmation, and other actions associated with buying items
  • Autoresponder email series, like my blog audience building challenge

All of these are great ways to use autoresponders to get more out of your blog without any action on your end. But there’s one use for autoresponders that isn’t very popular that can make a sincere difference in your blog reader relationships.

The Autoresponder Welcome

When you sign up for a newsletter from a blogger, what normally happens?

You have to wait a few days or even a week to receive your first newsletter from that person. By the time that happens, do you always remember why you signed up? Or what you loved about the blog? Not always.

A lot can happen between when someone signs up for your email list and the first email they receive from you. They might have completely forgotten about you! That’s not doing your brand much good.

Instead, using a simple autoresponder welcome email when someone signs up for your newsletter is a great way to start building a relationship with your new subscriber and give them a reason to open your emails.

Designing your Autoresponder Welcome

First, decide what kind of response you want from your new audience. Do you want them to:

  • Sign up for a Facebook or Google+ group and join a discussion?
  • Read your most popular posts?
  • Get to know you a bit better?
  • Think about buying your products?
  • Something else special?

What will be most beneficial for your blog and brand from a new reader who wants to start a relationship with you? How can you best serve them to start off on the right foot?

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Think of it this way: someone has just let you into their precious inbox and decided your brand and content is worthwhile. Prove them right! Don’t make them regret their decision, unsubscribe, and destroy a relationship before it even started in earnest.

After you’ve decided how to best serve your new audience member, hop into your favorite email newsletter tool and get to work creating your first welcome autoresponder. I love Mailchimp for autoresponders because it’s easy to use and cheaper than others.

(Psst…if you decide to sign up for a paid account, use this MonkeyRewards link to help support this blog!)

Make whatever you send worth your new readers’ time. It shouldn’t be overly promotional but should be a simple getting to know you welcome that sets your brand apart as caring, thoughtful, and valuable.

Tell me in the comments, do you use an autoresponder? What do you use it for?

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