Bloggers, You’re Not Beyonce (And That’s Okay!)

“You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce” is a refrain that keeps popping up in the blogosphere. I’m here to tell you that you don’t. It’s a concept of economics that is important to grasp as a blogger—and as a person. It can also give us some sincere insight into the truths behind blogging successes and what elements you’ll need to be become a successful blogger in the biggest, boldest sense.

Why Beyonce Is “Better” Than You

Let’s first be clear here that I’m talking about the Brand of Beyonce, not the person behind all of it. I’m talking about the things we see about the artist known as Queen Bey, like her albums, music videos, social media accounts, and even tabloid stories. All of those things are perfectly executed by a team of skilled celebrity PR experts. After all, if Beyonce really is Queen, she can demand the best of the business to make her even better.

Take, for instance, one of her latest videos that aims to make her seem more like us, “7/11“. It looks like something you or I might be able to make one really awesome night in a hotel with our friends and a couple of Go Pro cameras.

But that’s where the fantasy dies. Our friends need to be professional dancers, outfitted by professional fashion stylists and hair and makeup artists, attended to for meals and clean up by professional handlers, fixers, and caterers. Let’s not forget that Beyonce’s team brought in an expert at making these low end, fun videos. Even the Guardian knows it’s all “carefully crafted candor.”

At the end of the day, Beyonce isn’t like us. She, the Brand of Beyonce, is the culmination of lots of accumulated experience and time. The Brand of Beyonce is hundreds of different people with hundreds of different lives focused on being the best at one thing all smashed into one person—at least what it looks like to us. When you’re putting that into a time perspective, you’re getting one life multiplied by hundreds.

And the same goes for every other aspect of her life. Beyonce can hire the best experts in different fields and benefit from their lifetimes of learning and perfecting to make her life all the better for it. It might be hiring someone to watch every thing she puts in her mouth to an expert trainer to help her stay in shape.

The Economics of Beyonce’s Time

So here’s where the money and time thing comes in. You knew we were headed this direction, right?

Time is money but money is also time. Because Beyonce, as a brand, generates so much revenue, she can spend thousands of dollars to multiply her time, if not millions. By multiplying and increasing the Brand of Beyonce’s time, and therefore expertise, the Brand can make more money. It’s a cycle that’s self-systaining as long as the Brand of Beyonce is churning out money making hits that you and I love.

If you’re a big Bey fan, you might point to “Ghost,” a haunting song inspired by the desire to tell the label to shove off about making boring music that sells well. In the song, Bey sings:

All the shit I do is boring
All these record labels boring
I don’t trust these record labels I’m torn

Summed up, Bey is torn about creating boring but sellable music the labels love. (But in reality, it’s the musician Boots who wrote these lines. Just goes back to hiring experts to multiply your time and, in this case, expertise and creativity.)

Beyonce can get away with making un-boring music though. Why? Because she can still sell the crap out of it. Or rather, the Brand of Beyonce can. So the person of Beyonce can do what she wants because the Brand of Beyonce is so damn powerful.

It’s the same as the President of a company being able to cancel meetings while a cubical worker has to go anyway, even if it’s the worst thing for their ability to bring in money to the company. The President is seen as the big money driver and can do what she wants while the cubical worker needs to toil away.

Why I, like Beyonce, Have Employees

Now that we’ve covered some basic principals about multiplying time and expertise by paying for others, it’s pretty easy to see what the benefits of bringing in outside help can do for your ability to rock at everything. I recently hired my first employee and I can tell you first hand what a difference it has made in all aspects of my life.

Not only is someone doing tasks I assign and multiplying my time, I’m also paying my employee less than my business makes on for those hours. That’s how business works. I’m making money by doing nothing during those hours to actively make that money.

Sure, I’m making less than if I did it myself. But it’s freed up time for me to do other things, like focus on crafting better content to attract more leads, publish a 2015 blogging calendarhost a free blogging webinar, and even taking care of myself and family more.

It’s also allowed me to increase the business’ income overall. I’ll be paying for the employee I hired before too long with my extra time, making the same amount of money as if I’d multiple myself because of the bought time.

It’s a hard concept to wrap your head around at first. But once you do, it’s pretty easy to see why having people to do tasks for you is pretty damn amazing and important to doing the stuff in your wildest dreams, like, oh, being Beyonce.

The Truths about Blogging Successes

The next time you look a blogger who does really amazing things online and has a huge audience, give some thought to what goes on behind the scenes with that blogger.

  • Are they really doing it all themselves?
  • Have they brought in outside help?
  • What kind of expertise do they bring to the table?
  • How much professional development do they do?

In all likelihood, that blogger is much like the Brand of Bey, just on a much, much smaller scale. It could even be something as little as someone taking their photos who knows more than they do about photography or as big as a virtual assistant that deals with formatting and scheduling posts or creating graphics. Or maybe they have hired someone like me to help them?

The thing is you probably wouldn’t know it unless you were really looking for it, just like with Beyonce.

The best bloggers out there all have a plan to help them achieve their goals in a short period of time. Many of them use the support of experts to get them there.

I bet you’re thinking right now about your own personal holdups about hiring help as a blogger. If it’s just a hobby, sure, hiring help can seem silly. But if you’re serious about growing your blog or turning it into a career or money maker, it just makes sense.

Why do master it all yourself when you don’t have to? There are plenty of experts out there ready and willing to help you make your dreams real. To be a top blogger, you need:

  • A goal that actually gets you to what you really want
  • A plan broken down into steps to get you there
  • The knowledge and tools to execute the steps
  • Help in your weakest spots or where you could be better spending your time

Next time you compare yourself who seems to do it all with magic like expertise and perfection, remind yourself that it might not be all that it seems.

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