Holiday Posts and Blogging

Today’s video is about:

  • How to create holiday themed content that’s right for your blog
  • Traits of bad holiday content
  • How I went wrong with my own holiday content
  • and a special Thank You discount!

Holiday Themed Blog Posts Done Right

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I’m talking about holidays, blogging & how to correctly incorporate holiday posts into your overarching blogging goals.

Hey Bloggers!

I’m Kim Herrington of Bear & Beagle Creative. Every week I give you tips, tricks, and motivation to take your blogging to the next level and start achieving your goals.

Since it’s Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a quick moment to Thank YOU for all of your support since I launched this business earlier this year. About a year ago was when I started really working in earnest on launching this business and since then I’ve had an outpouring of support, love, and new friendships.

Without you, this whole shebang wouldn’t be possible. I am so thankful for you. Not just today on Thanksgiving either, but every day when I wake up and get to work. Y’all make it worth it for me!

And also, since it’s Thanksgiving today and you’ve eaten your turkey, it’s the official start of the Christmas season!

The Wrong Way to Use Holiday Posts

I’m going to tell you a little story about a blogger who didn’t use holiday posts well. She decided that doing a whole bunch in December of Christmas giveaways would be a fantastic way to attract new readers. After all, giveaway posts attract a ton of attention, right?

Every few days or so, she had a post that was just a giveaway. It had a little message about the brand, some photos of whatever was being given away, and an entry form.

The giveaways did mean something to her blog. She focused on local artisans on her local focused blog. Totally okay, right?

Are you surprised when I tell you that her readership went down after the giveaways were over? Probably not.

Her regular readers were happy with a few giveaways but by the end of the month, they were sick and tired of only hearing about products and nothing else. That’s not why they read her blog! So they disappeared. Some never came back again.

And all that new traffic for the giveaways—it disappeared too. So overall, her readership actually decreased.

Can you guess who that blogger was? Yup! It was me.

Bloggers can get a bit carried away with holiday themed posts. It’s sort of like the blogging arms race to have beautiful photos of DIYs, tutorials, gift guides and all kinds of other posts to help people celebrate the season.

The Traits of Bad Holiday Posts

So what makes a post bad for your blog?

It’s not in line with your regular content.

For instance, I’d only done one giveaway before. It wasn’t something I did regularly. Jamming my whole month with giveaways and no other kinds of posts was my mistake.

Ask yourself what you readers expect from your blog all year round. What are you helping them achieve with your blog? Then make sure that your holiday posts do just that, even if they are holiday themed.

So if you write about body acceptance, it’s totally up your alley to write about dealing with family comments about appearance during the holidays or the pressure to look great at parties.

Ask yourself: what is my over-arching goal for my blog? Does my holiday themed post help me get there?

If you’re having trouble with ensuring your blog posts are inline with your blog goals, you might want to grab my 2015 Blog Goal Getter Calendar. It’s jam packed full with the process I use to develop content for all of my blogs that keeps me right on track.

Use discount code THANKSFRIEND through Saturday for 20%!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your holiday with your family & friends. Until next time,

Keep Blogging!