Increase your Bloglovin Followers: Video

Bloglovin’ is an important tool for many bloggers, especially those in the lifestyle and fashion niche. But how can you grow your blog using Bloglovin’ to gain followers? Try these tips to increase your blog’s readership through Bloglovin’.

Increase your Bloglovin’ Followers Video Transcript

Hey Bloggers! I’m Kim Herrington of Bear and Beagle Creative. Every week I answer blogging questions in the Build Your Blog Vlog sent in from discussions in our Google Plus group, by readers, or via email. You can join the Google Plus group on send in your questions at info at This week’s question is all about bloglovin and comes from Lindsay of The Newlywed Notebook. Thanks, Lindsay, for repining so many of my posts! Did you know that you should reach out to people who share your content on social media to turn them in strong advocates of your brand? Try sending out an email to people who repin a lot of your articles. It can be really worthwhile to get to know other bloggers! Lindsay told me she hasn’t been using Bloglovin much in the past and believes she should. She doesn’t want to dedicate much time to it because she already does so many other things. She asked me how she can build followers on bloglovin. The be honest, Lindsay, I didn’t really know! I’m a big fan of building email lists instead of RSS readers. Why? You can turn email subscribers into paying customers far more easily than RSS readers. But that’s a question for another video, isn’t it? There are very few resources out there about bloglovin. When I searched around for other opinions on how to increase bloglovin followers, the best resource I found was a place to buy followers! Obviously, that’s not the way to build a strong following full of engaged readers and you shouldn’t buy followers. If you’re not very familiar with bloglovin, it’s sort of like an RSS reader but with some added capabilities that allow you to favorite posts and turn rss reading into more of a social endeavor. Experts, including me, say the best way to build your blog is through email subscribers and using incentives like free ebooks. But you can’t do that with Bloglovin. So how do you increase followers?

Give Bloglovin’ Noticeable Real Estate

The biggest tool Bloglovin gives you is a follow button. It’s just a clickable button that links to your blog’s profile on their website where people can click another button to follow you. You need to give noticeable and valuable real estate when you use this button if your looking to increase bloglovin followers. Remember, you can make it look however you want—you don’t need to use the buttons Bloglovin provides! You just need to use some html code on your website, which I’ll provide in the information below. Put it on your website in a noticeable place but also consider other places on your website that people who might want to follow you check, like your about page. The more ways you give people to follow you on bloglovin, the easier it is for them and the more likely they are to do it. Adding a follow button as a call-to-action at the bottom of your posts is also a great tool if you’re focused on increasing bloglovin followers. For those who are serious about increase bloglovin stats, give your bloglovin blog profile real estate on other properties you use, like Twitter, Facebook, or other social media networks. Add a link to your bloglovin blog profile and you’ll likely see more subscriptions from people who are checking you out.

Give Incentives to Follow on Bloglovin’

As I said, email lists have the ability of giving incentives like ebooks or other tools to get signups. While you don’t have this ability with Bloglovin, you should still give a really good reason why people should follow you on bloglovin. The most recommended way to increase followers I found was to try a bloglovin giveaway where the entry is following your blog on bloglovin. Not only does this possibly skirt laws about giveaways, it also doesn’t help you get followers who are going to read your blog in bloglovin! It’s easy to push a button an unsubscribe after a giveaway is done. I’ll link below to a resource from Sweeter CPA about why doing these kinds of giveaways isn’t a good idea legally speaking. So what kind of incentives can you give? Great content that your readers absolutely don’t want to miss out on. That’s all you have going for you with bloglovin. So make your content so good your readers never want to miss.

Guest Posts for Increasing Bloglovin’ Followers

If you’re really on a mission to increase bloglovin followers, you should give guest posting a try and expand your audience. Pitch yourself to some bloggers you admire who have large bloglovin followings and write an amazing post that makes the blogger’s audience want to follow you. In your author information, include a link to your bloglovin blog profile instead of a different social media platform—or even instead of your blog URL. If your blog post is attractive to the blogger’s readers, they’ll click through to find out more about you and decide whether or not to follow you on bloglovin. All that being said, I don’t focus on building a bloglovin following because building my email list is far more important to me. Why? Because I can turn email subscribers in to paying customers far more readily than RSS subscribers. But hey, whatever floats your boat, right? Thanks for watching and don’t forget to join the google plus group for more blogging tips and tricks. Till next time, keep blogging!

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      I think Bloglovin’ has way more users than NetworkedBlogs—which means that you’re going to get more exposure and readers through it in all likelihood. I admit though that I’m not super familiar with NetworkedBlogs.

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