The Secret to Make Your Audience Love You

Do you crave a deep and genuine connection with your audience? We all want to be a trusted resource for our blog readers so they come back time and time again, purchase our products and services, and become advocates of our brand. The problem is that many times we miss that mark and many of us attribute that to inner failures, whether it’s not having model looks, a star’s personality, or enough to invest in our online endeavors.

Over the years of blogging, I tried so many different things to attract and keep an audience around. But it didn’t feel like I was doing that well at it. In fact, I thought a lot of my readers just didn’t like me. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough or had an attractive enough personality or didn’t have enough time or money to invest in myself to get to the right audience. Ultimately, I thought it was all internal failures I couldn’t fix and that the problem was intrinsic to being, well, me!

Our blogs are, in a very real sense, ourselves. So when we don’t hit number goals it can really hurt emotionally, not just bruise your ego. You can’t help but thinking “Why does no body like me? What is wrong with me?”

your blog is you but you are not your blog, from @kimherrington_In speaking with a friend about this problem during my big rebrand I realized there is nothing wrong with me. “Kim! Why do you think those are bad traits?” she asked, as I listed off the things I thought were reasons I couldn’t create relationships with readers.

On the contrary! The reason why a lot of people love watching my videos or reading my content is because of the personality, directness, and expertise I bring to the table. Those reasons are 100% inside of me. By showing my personality and expertise more instead of thinking it was a liability, I realized I could achieve my goals while being honest to myself and my readers.

It felt like I could breathe, out from under the weight of my own self-judgement.

I’d thought that what I was doing online would work for anyone but me. You’ve felt that too once before? Great—well, actually not great. No one should ever feel that way. But if you’ve experienced this feeling, we’re definitely in the same boat.

Guess what? You don’t have to feel like you are the reason you’re not successful. In fact, hiding your true self might as well be the thing you’re missing that’s holding you back from making real connections with your blog audience. It’s not about you as a person but how you’re presenting yourself to the world.

Let Your Personality and Talent Shine in Content

Letting your personality and strengths come out in your online content comes down to knowing what they are. We all know we have to create great content—it’s the biggest no freakin’ duh advice out there right now. But what no one is saying is that you have to be great at creating it. When you’ve removed the blocks of expressing yourself in a way that works for you, you’ll be able to let yourself show through.

Some of us are stars on Instagram. Others of us rock it on Youtube. Some of us love writing long-form content, like e-books and courses. And others work best in small snippets on social media. I’ve talked before about finding your strengths in social media but that also goes for how you communicate with others.

There are three main traits of winning online personalities you should try to bring to your blog, according to @kimherrington_Suck at writing? Guess what? That is perfectly okay! Not everyone needs to connect with their audience with words. Instead, connect with your audience in the way you communicate with others best. And yes, it can be more than one way!

  • What ways of communicating do you enjoy?
  • What modes of interaction sets you on fire when others engage?
  • What skills are your strongest when it comes to ways of communicating?

You might think you should communicate in a way your audience likes. But you’d be wrong! Yup, I don’t think you should care about your audience on this part of the connection equation. I also don’t think you should care about which communication forms are the “easiest” to break into. Things will be easier, faster, and more rewarding if you stick with things you are good at and you’ll be able to get to the point where you feel comfortable in your own online skin. And that’s the perfect recipe for connecting deeply and meaningfully with your audience.

There are no rules that say you need to do things the same way everyone else does. You can make content any ol’ way your heart desires. And that, friends, is the beauty of the internet.

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How do you let your personality and unique perspective on life shine through in your content? Let me know in the comments!

And if you’re having hang ups on understanding your audience, be sure to take the 6-week audience building challenge where I guide you through deeply understanding your audience with weekly challenges.

7 Responses to “The Secret to Make Your Audience Love You”

  1. That’s a great read, and just what I needed to hear. I’m not sure I even know what my site is about, so I don’t know how my potential followers could either.

    This article pushed me in the right direction.

    Thanks Kim

  2. I love the ideas you put forth in this post!!! I really want my readers to know about this too! I want to share this in my weekly series called “Roll Out The Red Carpet Thursday” – I share bloggers’ amazing posts that I’ve found during the week. I hope that’ ok! Have a great night!

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