My Top 3 Blogging Mistakes

I’ve been blogging for a long time and a lot of people think I’m a pretty awesome blogger. In reality, I’ve struggled just as much as you might be struggling right now to get my blogging act together and make it achieve the goals I have.

In today’s video, I talk about my top 3 blogging mistakes I made as a new blogger and what you can learn from those mistakes so your don’t make the same errors with your blog!

And if you’re looking for my first blog post, you can find it on my personal blog, The Made Thing.

New Blogger Mistakes I Made

Today I’m going to talk about my top three mistakes I’ve made since I started blogging!

Welcome to the Build Your Blog Vlog. I’m Kim Herrington of Bear & Beagle Creative and every week I answer questions about blogging. This week, I’m taking a look at the biggest blogging mistakes I’ve made because, well, y’all think I’m a super smart business lady.

And truth be told, I make mistakes too! It’s what you do with the knowledge you gained from your mistakes that makes you an amazing business gal, right?

Before we start digging into this, I want to say quickly that blogging is a business if you’re making money or trying to make money with your blog. While you might think that today’s video doesn’t have much to do with your blog it totally does! It just all depends on your mindset. If you’d like to learn more about how making your blog an official business can change how you think about your blog, check out this blog post about what happened when I made my blog a business!

Mistake #1: I didn’t have any idea what I was writing about.

When people ask you what you blog about what do you say?


I write about what matters to me.

I blog about outfits and stuff?

Sound familiar? I was at a blogging conference this weekend and that’s the kind of responses I received when I asked that question.

What the heck does that mean? You blog about everything? Um. No. And that doesn’t help me decide if I want to read your blog.

Bear & Beagle Creative is a blog about how to become a better blogger by using SEO, Content Marketing, and business techniques to achieve your blogging goals.

So much more understandable, right? But before you’re all “But my blog isn’t a business!” listen to this one:

My blog, The Made Thing, is a local blog that focuses on what’s happening in Conway, Arkansas, local businesses, and fun things to do, eat, and wear in Arkansas as well as updates about what’s going on in my life.

It’s a lifestyle blog but that explanation says exactly what you can expect from my blog. I could have said “everything” right? But who does that help?

It took me years before I got to that point! But now that I have a strong focus and direction, blogging is so much easier. A narrow focus makes it easier to select topics instead of focusing on, well, everything.

Mistake #2: I kept blogging at Blogger.

Such a rookie mistake, right? All you self-hosted WordPress people out there who made the switch get this. Blogger isn’t as capable at making blogging efficient as WordPress. WordPress is the whole giant package at your fingertips with endless opportunities.

Blogger is pretty impossible to make SEO friendly. And Google can shut down your content at any moment they want. I was really lucky this never happened but have met so many bloggers that lost everything overnight because Google decided to take their websites down for one reason or another.

I blogged over on Blogger until 2012 I think. I’m not sure exactly when I moved over to WordPress but it wasn’t really that long ago. Why? Because Blogger felt safe. It was what I was familiar with. But I was seriously holding myself back!

Own your content. Make it work for you. Move to a self-hosted solution, k? You can seriously do soooo much more with a self-hosted website.

Mistake #3: I kept comparing myself to big bloggers.

I’m a big fan of Sarah Von of Yes and Yes. Her blog was one of the first ones I ever read religiously because it was featured on Blogs of Note on the Blogger platform and I thought that was so cool. That alone should have been a great reason for me not to compare myself to Sarah but I did anyway.

Seriously, bad move!

Sarah knew the point of her blog, had a huge audience, and had a super strong editorial calendar. Her consistency is crazy, y’all! Why? Because Sarah is a super type A gal who would beat herself up for not posting on her schedule and she sets up things well, well in advance.

As someone who was new to the blogging world, Sarah was a great person to look up to but a terrible person to try to be like. I’m not type A and while I now use editorial calendars and schedule out well in advance after learning from Sarah, I’m never going to get a nod from Google. Comparing numbers with Sarah is just plain ol’ dumb!

Though she totally commented on my first blog post and I fan girled at the time.

I don’t make these mistakes anymore, thank goodness, but it took me a while on a few of them. Every once in a while I still catch myself comparing my blog to others in a bad way.

I hope this helps you understand that even the best bloggers out there have made the same mistakes you have made or are making right now. In fact, if you want to see a super-lost blogger, take a look at my first blog post I wrote over on my personal blog. Ugh. Seriously. So bad.

Psst. this is a secret. That’s not even my first ever blog post! Let’s just say some have already been deleted and I’ve had other blogs that aren’t around anymore.

Tell next time, Keep Blogging!