The only SEO Training you’ll ever need

A unique combination between content marketing, search engine optimization, and long-term traffic growth strategies that work in any niche.

SEO Training Online with Kim Herrington

An SEO Course & Content Marketing Course in One

SEO is the tool to create meaningful content that solves your traffic problems. Problem is, SEO is taught in a way that makes it difficult to understand–and even harder to put into action in a meaningful way.

I’m Kim Herrington and I’ve helped entrepreneurs like you increase their traffic by over 400% using my unique SEO & content marketing methods.

Call it SEO for bloggers, an SEO crash course, or even a content strategy course—this course is designed to give you the roadmap to create content that drives traffic in a meaningful way. No growth hacking here, just real-world, long-term growth strategies that work.

Sarah Von Bargen endorses SEO Training Course

“Up until last year, I never, ever optimized my posts because I thought since I didn’t like it, I could ignore it. But then I hired Kim Herrington and she helped me grow my traffic, income, and subscribers by thousands” – Sarah Von Bargen,

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Is this SEO Training right for you?

This course is for you if you:

  • Poured your heart into blog posts—but they didn’t get the traffic you were expecting
  • Published blog posts that got good traffic—but it was short lived
  • Wanted to learn SEO—but felt like pulling out your hair because it was so confusing
  • Dreamed of succeeding online—but can’t seem to build the right traffic you need

This course is not for you if you:

  • Want a comprehensive SEO training or are looking to get started in a career in SEO
  • Are a developer looking for technical SEO training for building websites
  • Don’t care about your audience enough to listen to what they want or give them the time of day
  • Want to use blackhat SEO techniques for short-term gains that won’t last
In other words, if you want sustainable growth with a repeatable process, this is probably right for you.

Real-World Results Using My SEO & Blogging Techniques

SEO Training Online results

653% increase in impressions. 419% growth in clicks.

This is a real screenshot from Google Search Console, from the starting day to 90 days later.

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The Essential Shortcut to Traffic-Building Content

This course includes the roadmap you’ve been looking for to help you create the right content that builds traffic to your website. With hours of videos and worksheets to guide you through the steps, you’ll finish the course with a content marketing plan, a website better optimized for search engines, and a handle on what to do next to continue your growth. In fact, what you’ll learn in the course will help you do more than just create content—you’ll use what you learn and build in lots of places.

What You’ll Learn in this SEO Marketing & Blogging Course

  • How to choose the right blog topics—and you’ll walk away with a plan to create traffic-growing content
  • How to SEO your site & the SEO you really need to know—plus set-by-step implementation of basic SEO features
  • How to write content that attracts traffic and keeps your audience craving more—and a list of keywords to gain traffic from search engines
  • How to use this foundation to build a repeatable process that adds value to your online presence that goes beyond blogging—so you can keep growing, long after you’ve finished this course

Course Units

  • Unit 1: Welcome – Your guide to getting started
  • Unit 2: Audience Insight – What does your audience really want?
  • Unit 3: SEO Today – SEO you need to know for success in a semantic search world
  • Unit 4: Content Brainstorming – Putting your ideas on paper
  • Unit 5: Keyword Research – Choosing the right path towards traffic success
  • Unit 6: Site Optimization – Step-by-Step essential SEO setup
  • Unit 7: Continuing Growth – Strategies to build on your foundation

“Kim has helped me understand how to use SEO to increase traffic to my website. Her guidance made it easier to craft posts that drive traffic to my site while maintaining my vision for communicating with my audience. I’m now able to review my website traffic and make smart choices. I’ve definitely seen the number of visitors to my site increase after working with Kim.” – Monica Burns,

Monica Burns endorses SEO Marketing Course
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Meet Your Resident SEO Expert, Kim Herrington

I started a digital marketing agency 5 years ago and have helped businesses grow through digital marketing, SEO, digital advertising, and social media. One thing that’s common between all the different businesses I’ve worked with? Writing great content and making sure Google could understand it has been the number one driver of growth for my clients. And when I mean growth, I don’t just mean increased traffic—I mean more money in their pocket at the end of the day.

My SEO and marketing expertise has been featured on places like GoDaddy, Tailwind, and I was an original member of Pinterest’s Business Community Expert team and helped educate business owners on how to better use Pinterest to reach their target market.

My success as an SEO expert doesn’t make me very unique though. What separates me from the rest? I can translate difficult marketing concepts, like SEO, into actionable steps that regular people can do. That you can do

Digital marketing expert Kim Herrington

What are you waiting for? Get started with my content & SEO training!

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  • How is this different from your free SEO course?

    My free SEO course is an informational foundation to understand SEO—it doesn’t teach you how to apply what you learn. You don’t need to take the free SEO course before signing up for this SEO & Content Marketing course, though it can be helpful to get the most out of your investment.

  • My eyes glaze over at the thought of an SEO course. How boring is this?

    SEO is boring. That’s why I’ve designed this course to give you only the essentials without getting bogged down in things that matter to SEO but that you don’t really need to know to succeed. Some of the steps are boring—that’s just kind of the way it is with some SEO tasks. But I’ve sandwiched boring sections into fun, engaging activities that will help you get through the content. And just remember, sometimes we have to do boring, hard things to succeed.

  • Will I learn how to optimize my website? What platforms do you cover?

    You’ll learn and implement basic SEO optimizations for your website that will give you a foundation to build on. The course covers how to make the necessary changes to your site for self-hosted WordPress websites and Squarespace. If you’re on a website builder application like Wix or GoDaddy Website Builder, this course will still help you create great content that gains traffic—but know that I don’t recommend those kinds of platforms because they’re not the best for SEO.

  • I’ve tried a million other things to build my traffic. Why do you think this might work for me?

    Most marketing advice is a quick fix that doesn’t address the real root of your online presence. The methods you’ll learn can be built on beyond writing great content that search engines like—in fact, it’s a holistic way of approaching your online presence and marketing that helps you get down to the center mission and core values of what you do online. In this course, you’ll get to know your audience better than you have in the past so you know what they really want from you—and how to say it in a way that most appeals to them. These strategies are the foundation of any successful online business, regardless of niche, type, or size.

  • Do you offer one-on-one support and coaching?

    Yes. You can opt for an addition add-on to the course for guided sessions throughout to help you get the most out of this course with customized guidance tailored specifically for you and feedback from me on your work. Please contact me to apply.