Email Templates for Social Media Leads

Are you an introvert? Don't know how to build your blog and reach out to others for help? Try these blog building email templates to write to other blogs.

One of the best ways to generate website traffic and leads to your website is through relationships with other bloggers and influencers in your niche. Social media platforms are great places to start building relationships with your audience members. Consider it networking for the digital age! I covered why and how you should use social media in my two-part Relationship Marketing presentation. You can watch part 1 and part 2 to really understand this technique for building your blog.

But for those who aren’t very outgoing or don’t know a strong strategy to use for this technique, it can be difficult to start. I’ve shared some email templates I use below to generate relationships with other bloggers and audience members starting through different social media platforms.

Each email template should be customized to the individual you’re writing to—there’s really no shortcut around personalized emails here. These templates are only a means to an end! If you’re not dedicating time to the relationship, you’re not going to get anywhere and won’t be building your blog.

Email Template for Blogging Relationships


I’m {name} and saw you’d been sharing a lot of my blog posts over on {social media platform}. Thank you! It means so much to me that you’re sharing my content.

{Take a look at that person’s blog. Say something nice here about their content and be an amazing reader. Like: “I really liked the post you wrote about . I have the same problem/feel etc. So on”}

I saw you shared a lot of my content about {topic}. What are you struggling with the most about {topic}? I’d love to help!


{Your name}

How to Use this Email Template Let’s walk through how to use this template to build your blog. The goal here is to do this activity quickly so you can get the most for your website in minutes and get on with the rest of your to do list.

  1. Find leads with social. This step is all about finding people who already care about your content—they might be people who have pinned your articles from your website, followed you on twitter, or shared your links on any number of social platforms. These people are qualified leads—you’re not emailing the out of the blue. They already have interacted with you in some manner. They might not know that yet, especially if they were just repinning, but this email serves to further that relationship.

    For this example, I’m targeting someone who recently followed me on Pinterest that I know already follows me on Twitter. Clearly, he’s aware of who I am and spending time getting to know him better is worthwhile! This should take you less than a minute to figure out who to target.

  2. Find their email. In most cases, you’ll be able to quickly tell if you can get in touch with someone or not via email. Do this step quickly so you’re not wasting time.

    I quickly clicked through to his website and found he has a contact form. It’s better if you can get an email address but they’re not always out there. That’s okay!

  3. Figure out who they are. You’ll need to click around their website, look at their about page, and quickly make some assumptions about who they are and their goals. What do they want?

    In my example, my targeted lead is someone who has a business website to teach entrepreneurs how to be rich. It needs a lot of work—so he’s probably at the beginning of his blog building journey. I notice an interview with a blogger I admire on the blog and quickly read through it. This took less than two minutes!

  4. Write your email. Using the template above, write a quick email to the target lead and customize it for the information you read about them. This is where you should spend your time—make sure you’re not just sending an email to send an email. Make it count!

    I wrote the target lead an email that highlighted what I learned from his blog interview and how I feel about that particular issue the interview addressed. I thanked him for following me on so many social media channels and opened up discussion by asking him how I can help him make is website convert more leads.

And that’s it!

Not everyone will email you back but it’s likely they will—people like when you interact with content. Be sure to carry on the conversation by asking questions. It’s about a relationship, not a one-off email.

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