How I helped Paul Jarvis get 1,000% more traffic

You’re not alone if you’re not entirely convinced that SEO could work for you. 

Paul Jarvis is a well-known digital entrepreneur with lots of experience under his belt. He wasn’t convinced that SEO can be an ethical, legitimate way to get more customers or traffic. 

“We should just call growth-hacking what it really is: being a self-centered, self-serving and fake-ass person on the internet,” Paul wrote in one of his newsletters. So I decided to convince him that SEO could be meaningful and, most importantly, that it helps you help more people and live your mission. Spoiler: SEO worked for Paul while keeping his values at the core.

Paul wanted to get more people to his MailChimp training website and sell more courses beyond people who had already heard of him. He sold most of his courses through his reputation and newsletter but wasn’t great at attracting people who had never heard of him before. 

We worked together to clean up his site’s foundational and technical SEO, learn more about what his untapped audience was searching for, and craft cornerstone content. 

We posted all of the changes to his site and the new articles at the beginning of January 2018. Since then the site’s traffic has continued to grow. 

Overall, the SEO coaching program brought Paul’s website nearly 1,000% more traffic by that August (992.78% to be exact!). 

What does that mean for Paul? 

His website is consistently attracting attention from people who are already looking for help with MailChimp and he’s reaching a whole new group of people he wouldn’t probably have engaged with otherwise. 

But most of all, that traffic has helped him continue to positively impact his audience and his own life. 

How we grew Paul Jarvis’ traffic

The steps I took to help Paul are a system I’ve developed over the last seven years of working with clients that is designed to create sustainable, long term traffic.

Here’s what we did:

  1. We fixed technical issues that were sending the wrong kind of message to Google about his Mailchimp training website. (Before we started, his website ranked in the top 10 for “how much does it cost to buy a chimpanzee.” ??‍♀️ Oh, Google…)
  2. We optimized the existing content on his site’s static pages to give them the most opportunity to benefit from the other SEO work we were doing.
  3. We discovered what topics his audience was already looking for help on related to his offerings and what they were searching for in Google.
  4. We created a bunch of posts about those topics and optimized them so they’d rank high in search and that they fit into his sales funnel to turn his traffic into revenue!

Since then, Paul has made very minimal updates to his content and generally only promotes his website a few times a year through his email list when his course opens—but our work continues to generate high traffic from search engines without him having to lift a finger.

Best part? My system of doing SEO and incorporating it into your existing website works for just about everyone, regardless of how they monetize their business!

Want to work with me to improve your traffic from search engines? I offer the same SEO consulting services in a package I did with Paul!