What Is Bounce Rate: Video

Wondering what bounce rate means? Don’t know what to do with bounce rate to make your website better? This week I’m talking about why you should focus on your bounce rate and what it means for your website. It’s all about how visitors engage with your content!

What is Bounce Rate & How to Fix Bounce Rate Transcript

Hey bloggers! I’m Kim Herrington of Bear & Beagle Creative. I answer questions about blogging every week sent in by readers and viewers. This week’s question comes from Susannah of Feast & West. She asked:

Can you help me understand bounce rates? What number is a good bounce rate vs. an undesirable one? How can I make my bounce rate go up or down? Does it even matter?

Well Susannah, that’s a really common question. Bounce Rates come from Google Analytics. This number is the number that tells you how well your content is performing to get people to click around your website.

The bounce rate is the percentage of people viewing only one page out of your total visitors. What this means is if you have a high bounce rate, people are coming to your website, reading one page, and then moving on.

What is the ideal bounce rate? For one, it varies on the kind of website you have. Some blogs see in 80% bounce rate and some experts say this is totally fine. I think you should shoot for between 60 and 75% for blog-based websites. Other websites see as low as 20% bounce rates. It all depends on how your readers interact with your content.

Do your readers read every single one of your blog post every day or do they read many in one session? If readers return often to your website, your bounce rate is going to be very high. But your engagement numbers on your Frequency and Recency report will give some clues. If you see a high number of returning visitors that have 0 or 1 days since the last session, you have a loyal readership! If your return visitor engagement is low and your bounce rate is high you need to make a change.

Ultimately, it doesn’t what the number is. Your goal should be to work on reducing your bounce rate. It doesn’t matter as much what your number actually is just as long as it’s going down.

What impacts the bounce rate?

Well it has a lot to do with how relevant your content is, how loyal your readers are, and if you have clear actions for new visitors to take when they visit your website for the first time. Take for example someone gets your website through Google or another search engine. They start at one page and if it completely fills their need without asking them to further engage, they’ll exit your website. If you integrate a strong call to action for your readers to click through to other related articles, your bounce rate will likely be lower.

One way to reduce your bounce rate is like creating series of content that attracts lots of search traffic. Present that content as related articles and ask your visitors to continue reading your content. When people are more engaged with your website, they’re more likely to remember who you are later or even buy your products.

I hope this answers your beginning questions about bounce rates. Don’t forget, you can always send in your blogging questions to info at bearandbeaglecreative.com or join the G+ group to get in on all the blog building action.

Till next time, keep blogging.

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