How to Differentiate Your Blog: Video

One of the most common problems for bloggers, both new and veteran, is making sure that their blog is unique and differentiated from everyone else’s. You need to differentiate your blog comes by showing your unique style and life experiences that formed you into who you are!

In this week’s Build Your Blog Vlog, I answer this problem with some tips on how to better differentiate your blog.

Video Transcript

Hey bloggers!

Welcome to the Build Your Blog Vlog.

I’m Kim Herrington of Bear & Beagle Creative.

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I recently met with a friend who is at the beginnings of her lifestyle blogging journey.
She was a party planner in LA and is struggling with transferring the experience of planning ninety-thousand dollar children’s parties to our area where people just don’t spend that kind of money.
She’s looking to blogging to build up her reputation but told me that she’s worried she won’t be able to differentiate herself from all the other party planning bloggers out there.

She’s right to be worried! There are thousands of blogs offering up party planning tips. Almost every blogger encounters this problem.

How can you differentiate yourself from everyone else?

Think of it this way—there aren’t very many party planners who worked in LA, have the same style and ideas about how to put a party together, who also have the same background as her. Her ideas of how to have a successful party, although they might be really similar, are all her own based on her life experiences.

No one has the same life experiences as she does!

Part of the differentiation problem is there is only so much knowledge out there. You can give information or tips that are unique and all your own for whatever you’re writing about but it’s only a matter of time before someone else does the same thing.

We’re creatures of habit and replication. We repeat the habits of those around us as children and develop into adults that use the same copy behavior to find success.

So what makes you different as a person if we all tend to copy everyone else? It’s how we do the same things with a slightly different twist after experimenting and finding something different. We’re curious and inspired to try new things—and that can lead us to different life experiences. When you combine together what your life has been and your unique way of doing something, you develop a unique perspective on life.

Turning your uniqueness into a blog is a really difficult task but is the secret to differentiating your blog from everyone else’s. It comes down to the combination of elements from the moment a reader enters your space on the internet.
The goal is to present a strong personal brand that’s all your own, from the design and layout of your website, to the visuals you use, to your words and way you style your writing. Show your unique perspective on your content and you’re differentiating yourself from everyone else.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes me unique as an individual?
  • What are my strongest traits?
  • What experiences have I had in life makes me different than other people?
  • How can I translate that into my online work and presence?
  • Which individual elements of my online presence aren’t speaking to my strong traits and unique life experiences?

Of course, this is just the beginning of what it means to build a unique brand for your blog. Take some time to really reflect on what it means to be you and how that translates into your online content.

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Till next time, keep blogging!

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