Reporting to Marketers after a Sponsored Post

You’ve been hired to do a sponsored post. Congrats! But now what should you do after (and before) you publish the post to best serve your new clients? Today I’m talking all about how to best work with marketers for sponsored posts.

It takes a bit of preparation before hand to do a sponsored post well. In fact, it’s almost always more work than just any other regular post. Watch this week’s vlog to find out how you can be a better blogger, work great with marketers, and score even more sponsored posts.

What to do After a Sponsored Post

Today I’m talking about what kinds of statistics to share with marketers who hired you to do promotional posts.

This week’s question comes from my gal pal Susannah over at Feast & West. Thanks Susannah!

She recently did a promotional post, or native ad, with a juice company and wrote to me asking about what to do after the post is published to report back to the company that hired her. She asked:

  • What kinds of stats should I be sending brands after I collaborate with them?
  • What’s the best way to present them?
  • How long after the post?

Why Bloggers Must Charge for Sponsored Content

Before we dive into stats for sponsored posts, I want to underline that bloggers should always charge for sponsored content. Sure, you could write posts in exchange for product and many bloggers do this. Keep in mind that marketers are asking you to provide a service for their clients. It’s work and you absolutely deserve to get paid for it!

Now that I’m off my bloggers should charge soapbox, let’s talk about what kinds of stats marketers are looking for.

What Marketers Want from Bloggers

The first thing to know is the purpose of the campaign. Marketers seek sponsored content for a number of reasons. It might be:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Building brand aesthetic
  • Increased sales
  • Or something else

Generally, marketers are hired by companies to increase sales, no matter what path they choose to get to that point. Always keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to produce a lift, or what those in the business call increased sales. Since I’m in Arkansas where Walmart is headquartered, I’ve worked with a number of national brands doing these kinds of campaigns.

Keeping that in mind, it will dictate what kind of stats you hand back in after the post is published. Be sure to ask what the goal of the campaign is before signing on and it’ll help dictate your content so you can perform better for them!

What to do after a sponsored blog post and how to report back to marketers who hired you from @bearandbeagleWhat Kinds of Statistics Marketers Want from Bloggers

I’ve created a short little worksheet gives you a list of all the stats you should send to marketers. Just put in your email and it’ll arrive in your inbox so you can refer to it as many times as you like.

Grab the Worksheet

How to Present Stats After a Sponsored Post

Marketers are busy people who have to sort through tons of information, synthesize it together, and make sense of it for their clients to tell the story the client wants to hear. So what can you do to help them?

Instead of just sending the stats along, provide a short narrative of no longer than about 200 words on how your post went, what the stats can say about the product, and any recommendations on what marketers can change for the future for the campaign to be more effective.

When to Report to Marketers After a Sponsored Post

Generally, marketers have a timeline they want to stick to so finding out this information ahead of time is important. It’s also important to understand what’s expected of you for the campaign.

  • How many times will you promote it on social media after publication?
  • How long after the post is published will you still be working on getting traffic to the post?
  • How long is the marketer running the campaign?

Basically, think about the projected life of the post and report back to the marketers when the post is towards its end. Typically, that’s a few weeks out from when you publish it but can be as long as a month.

Get Testimonials For Your Work!

As a final tip here, be sure to send along a quick questionnaire with your stats to the marketers about how you did. It’s important to gather testimonials for your work so you can entice other marketers to pay you. If you have a proven track record of working well with marketers and helping them better serve their clients, you’re well on your way.

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  1. I love this idea. I’ve done a few sponsored posts before and always provided a link to the person, but never thought about stats, which would obviously show the value of working with me again in the future.

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