How to Make a Featured Board on Pinterest

Learn how to add featured boards in your account’s Pinterest Showcase to drive engagement, clicks, and even product purchases from your Pinterest profile.

Featured Boards allow your visitors to your profile to have a more directed experience on your account than a full feed of everything you pin in chronological order. Instead of overwhelming your audience with your latest pin feed, featured boards appear at the top of your profile and allow you to create a better engagement experience on your Pinterest page.

For Pinterest business accounts, it’s important to feature the right kinds of content in your Featured Boards to help your business increase clicks and promote conversions too.

Step By Step: How to Create Featured Boards on Pinterest

To set up a featured board, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go directly to your Pinterest Showcase settings.
  2. On the drop down slots, you can select up to five boards to feature.
  3. Select the boards you want and click Save.

It’s that simple. You’ve set your featured boards!

Featured Boards List on Pinterest

Keep in mind that only public boards can be featured so if you’re not seeing a board you want to select, that’s usually the problem.

Wait, What is the Pinterest Showcase? Is it Different from Featured Boards?

Nope! Featured boards are just another name for the Pinterest Showcase, which Pinterest introduced in 2016. Eventually the Showcase has been called featured boards instead. I’m not really sure why this naming transition happened—but if you’re looking for Pinterest Showcase ideas, you’re in the right place.

You can add a Pinterest Showcase following the above steps to add Showcase boards to your profile and get a Pinterest Showcase set up for your profile.

What Boards Should I Include in My Featured Boards?

When you’re setting up your Pinterest Showcase, choosing which boards to feature can be confusing. To get the most out of your Showcase feature, you don’t want to just put anything on your featured boards list!

I recommend that you set your first featured board to the board where you pin all of your own content from your website, including resources and opt-in landing pages. You’ll want to feature your buyable pins in this board to help increase your conversions!

The next Pinterest boards should feature content related to your core offerings. For example, I offer SEO, Google Ads, and Pinterest Marketing services so my next three featured boards are those main boards on my profile.

The remaining slots should feature things that resonate with your audience that you’ve discovered by gathering new board ideas and looking at your engagement statistics on your Audience Insights and keyword research.

I recommend avoiding including group boards in your Pinterest Showcase so all the attention is on your boards.

Next? Continue Optimizing Your Profile!

Setting featured boards on your account is yet another step towards having a fully optimized Pinterest profile page! There’s still a lot more work you can do to increase your website traffic from Pinterest, however, and featured boards are just the tip of the iceberg.

Daunted by how much effort building out a Pinterest account takes? Hand off Pinterest management to me and my team!

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