The One-Day SEO Roadmap

Fast Track Traffic Growth with a Personalized SEO Strategy


You know you need more website traffic and more customers to grow your business. And that search engine optimization can help you get there.

But I'm guessing that you've always meant to do SEO but were overwhelmed and confused. When you tried to do SEO on your own, your efforts produced lackluster results at best.

Let's turn SEO from a "someday" into a ONE DAY.

Let's get you a solid direction with a personalized SEO roadmap for your unique goals and a system so you can grow your traffic effectively and efficiently.

Kim Herrington - SEO Coach
Paul Jarvis,

992.78% Search Traffic Growth

Paul used my SEO methods to create cornerstone content that increased his organic traffic in just 8 months. Two years later his rankings still consistently produce new sales.

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Do You Want More Traffic and Customers?

Of course...who doesn't!

But the question is really how to build your website traffic effectively and get the right people to your site. You've heard that SEO is the best way to do that—but you feel completely lost when it comes to actually doing SEO for your business.

  • Feeling lost and unsure best path towards success
  • Wasting time on techniques that don’t work or produce lackluster results
  • Losing out on clients because ideal customers are finding someone else
  • Missing out on opportunities that could open doors because you're not seen as an authority
  • Wearing yourself out creating content across lots of platforms that isn’t cohesive or effective
  • Confident in what you need to do to succeed
  • Know & understand which techniques are best suited for your goals to get real results
  • Making content that ranks and attracts your ideal clients to contact you
  • Building traffic & authority to get access to clients and new opportunities
  • Using content as an anchor across marketing efforts create cohesive, effective marketing in less time

What if someone showed you a systemized way to grow your traffic, get in front of your ideal customers, and build your online authority?
And it was personalized specifically for you?

👋 I'm Kim Herrington, here to help you finally start implementing SEO for your business easily with the One-Day SEO Roadmap.

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Sarah Von Bargen,

"One of the best, smartest, most stress-reducing things I’ve ever done was hire Kim."

We worked together to triple Sarah's revenue in three months, increase her traffic by 325% and set her up for a big business transition.

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Meet The One-Day SEO Roadmap

Your Clear Path Towards SEO Success

Let's get focused on empowering you in a single day to have a clear, actionable plan for SEO.
At the end of the day, you'll have a step by step strategy to follow and the support you need with detailed resources so you can execute an SEO strategy on your own terms.

Custom Step by Step SEO Roadmap

You'll get a customized month-by-month SEO plan with resources to guide you to execute your SEO strategy at your own pace with worksheets, videos, and tutorials.

Post Outlines & Keyword Suggestions

My team & I will prepare 8-10 plug & play post outlines with keywords specifically for your ranking goals to make writing with your own voice easy.

Reveal Hidden Customer Motives

You'll discover the hidden reasons why your audience is searching online and what drives them to find solutions that create irresistible content & offers.

Peek Behind Competitors' Curtains

You'll know what your competitors are doing, where you need to improve, and what steps to take to position yourself to take advantage of opportunities they miss.

Build Backlinks with Partnerships

You'll walk away with a list of partners who can help you grow your reach and build authority plus a plan on how to pitch yourself.

Fix Basic Technical Issues

Take care of the most important technical SEO issues with guided resources specific to your site.

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Meg Biram,

Kim helped me in ways that helped me enable myself. She answered all of my questions with helpful and actionable responses. I highly recommend her and cannot wait to hire her again!

How Does The One-Day SEO Roadmap Work?

Get an SEO Roadmap in 24 hours

I developed the One-Day SEO Roadmap after coaching entrepreneurs for the last 7 years on how to do their own SEO. I distilled down the best parts of my program into a single, actionable day to make SEO more approachable and affordable for a hands-on approach to SEO.


~2 hours

Before our session, you'll start with a simple exercise that frames your entire SEO strategy—why are people looking for someone like you online? You'll use a framework to discover the hidden reasons why your audience is searching online and what they're looking for. I'll also ask for some relevant information about your business and access into your site, Analytics, Search Console, and other relevant accounts.

Day Of - Hour One

Discover Your Business Goals & Competitors

In the first hour of our time together, you & I will walk through questions that help determine the best SEO strategies for your business, who your competitors are, and what your biggest business goals are. You'll also be able to get answers to your most pressing questions.

Day Of - Hour Two

Research & Planning

My team & I take to our SEO tools and develop an initial SEO plan, looking at your competitors, your current site content, search terms that match your goals, and other information. By the end of the hour, we'll have an initial plan for your SEO Roadmap.

Day Of - Hour Three

Revisions & Mentoring

In the final hour of our time together, you & I will review the SEO Roadmap together and what I advise for your SEO strategy. During this hour, we'll make adjustments to your plan, talk about how to execute it, and answer questions about how to do SEO on your own terms.

Day After

Access to Your Customized Plan

The next day, I'll deliver your finalized SEO Roadmap as well as a whole host of resources and videos that pair with your SEO plan. You'll have the outlines you need to execute SEO content in your own voice and the information on how to implement best practices specifically for your site, from technical SEO to backlink building. This isn't just access to an SEO course—it's a customized plan with resources tailored to your needs.

4-6 Weeks Later

Check-in Call

I'll check in with you 4-6 weeks after delivering your SEO Roadmap on a check-in call. You'll be able to get additional clarification on issues or questions you've encountered during the initial stages of working on your business' SEO.

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Sue De Chiara,

"Kim was so great to work with! She helped an SEO newbie like me get comfortable with the why and the how behind all the important SEO terms. Once I felt more comfortable navigating this complicated world, it opened my eyes to even more opportunities."

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The One-Day SEO Strategy FAQ

The intention is that this gives you a path to follow to take care of SEO at your own pace. While the One-Day SEO Roadmap is designed on a 12-month timeline with activities for each month you'll follow after our day together, you can complete the One-Day SEO Roadmap faster—it's all about how quickly you can execute and how accountable you are with your own time. Typically, you'll dedicate 3-5 hours per week to SEO using the One-Day SEO Roadmap.

Before you apply for the One-Day SEO Roadmap, you need to be really honest with yourself about whether or not you're going to execute this plan. If your problem is that you spin your wheels researching methods or have tried SEO without results, the One-Day SEO Roadmap is likely a good fit. If you struggle with actually following through, this probably isn't for you. If so, I advise checking out my SEO Consulting services where my team & I do SEO and content creation for you.

I designed the outlines to be as complete as possible to give you not only a clear direction on what post topic you need to write on but also the entire outline of sections, which keywords to include and where, and how to link the post to others to create the proper SEO hierarchy on your site. These aren't just "suggestions" but plug & play outlines that make it easy to write in your own voice.

The additional resources are designed to pair with your step by step SEO Roadmap to educate and empower with worksheets and tutorials designed to get you working, not lost in the weeds of SEO theory. My team & I customize your resources to your site and needs, based on your goals, a basic technical audit of your site, and your SEO weak spots that need improvement. In other words, it's only what you actually need so you're not wading through things that you don't need to focus on. A typical plan includes:

  • SEO Roadmap with what actions to take, month by month
  • 8-10 post outlines with tutorial on how to use them & common questions
  • List of basic SEO errors on your site with tutorials on how to repair the issues (Wordpress & Squarespace specific; other platforms are on case-by-case basis)
  • Interlinking plan with video tutorial
  • Keyword optimization checklist & how to publish for SEO
  • Thin content audit & decision tree matrix
  • List of potential partnership targets and resources on how to pitch yourself
  • Competitor research analysis

After you get your plan, you'll know which activities to do and have the resources you need to take specific actions to work on your SEO goals. Instead of floundering trying to figure out what to do, you'll have clarity on the steps to take and how to take them on your own.

Nope. This is an actionable SEO Roadmap, not an SEO course. You won't learn how to be an SEO professional nor will you be weighed down by SEO theory. This is for people who want to improve their own SEO with a directed, step by step process designed specifically for their goals. My SEO Roadmap program is designed to help you produce cornerstone content to help your website rank and gain traffic, take care of technical errors, and start promoting yourself to improve authority and rankings. It isn't designed to teach you in-depth or technical SEO and is not proper training for becoming an SEO expert.

No additional tools are required, beyond your website, free Google tools, and access to Google Drive.

Absolutely! As a full-service SEO consultant, I can help you do a whole lot more. When you apply for the One-Day SEO Roadmap, you'll be sent a list of additional services and pricing so you know up front if there are any other options you'd like to add on during our work together. Optional services include a full technical audit, advanced technical fixes, feedback on posts, and periodic check-ins & reporting. I also offer done-for-you SEO services if you find that following a system isn't right for you.

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