SEO Consulting & Coaching

I work with entrepreneurs and businesses to help them take advantage of search engine optimization through a three-month SEO coaching service. I’ve been an SEO consultant to Sarah Von Bargen, Paul Jarvis, Meg Biram, Sue De Chiara, and others to help them use SEO to transform their traffic, increase revenues, and make business goals happen.

If you’re looking to increase search traffic, working with me can give you the secret SEO plan you need without having to learn advanced SEO techniques.

Case Studies:

My Three-Month SEO Coaching Program

You’re looking for a way to gain more traffic, increase your subscribers, and make more money, right? SEO is a way to get there. But no one wants to do it. It’s feels like eating your vegetables when you just want to get to the dessert.

I’m guessing you think you need to learn SEO. But do you want to add yet another thing to your plate or skip straight to the good stuff?

Working with me allows you to avoid laboring over hard to understand and impossible to implement SEO advice. Instead, you’ll get a made-for-you plan that helps you get more long-term, meaningful traffic to your website.

Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

One-on-One SEO Coaching

I developed my SEO consulting program over the last six years by working with clients one-on-one to help them learn SEO. And I found that learning the technical aspects SEO doesn’t really help my clients get the traffic they need. In fact, it tends to hinder their success.

Instead, I found that having a meaningful strategy with a roadmap to success works a lot better. So that’s what we do in my one-on-one SEO coaching program. It’s three months of intensively working towards your goals with an SEO consultant by your side to handle the boring, hard, technical stuff.

At the end of the three months, you walk away with a site that’s ready to start ranking and pulling in lots more traffic. And most of my clients learn a lot from the experience beyond just how to put the right keywords in the right places.

The Good Stuff – My SEO Coaching Program

Month One – Deeply know your audience

As part of the first month, we’ll figure out what your audience really wants to drill down on what strategies we’ll use.

We get to know each other, talk through your goals for your business, and go over the basics of what SEO is and why it works. We set the stage and help you understand SEO enough that you can put it to good use when we’re through.

Month Two – Ideation & Technical Setup

Now that we know your audience well & what they need, we move on to the content ideation stage where we dream up a bunch of cornerstone content.

My team & I take care of the technical what nots to make sure your site talks to Google the way Google understands.

Month Three – Cornerstone Content Creation

I deliver a list of suggested posts for you to put your personal spin on with strategic outlines and keyword research ready to go. Together, we write them and make SEO-focused edits to get you the most traffic from the least effort.

We hit publish. Past clients have watched their traffic go up almost instantly.

Okay, I’m ready to find out more about SEO Consulting!

The next step is getting in touch with me to find out if we’ll be a good fit for each other. My SEO tactics aren’t a one size fits all and I’m selective about who I work with. If you’re looking for more advanced services, be sure to check out my agency.

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