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Learning SEO is a difficult process because it's an industry full of jargon and you're not always sure which SEO experts you can trust. I take the confusion out of the process with one-on-one SEO training customized to your website needs.

You don't need to learn everything there is to know about SEO to get the benefits of doing SEO for your own website. In my one-on-one SEO coaching program, we customize SEO processes to your needs and fast track your success.

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Kim Herrington - SEO Coach
Paul Jarvis,

992.78% Search Traffic Growth

We worked together to create cornerstone content that massively increased traffic to Paul's website from search engines and increased revenue opportunities in just 8 months.

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SEO Coaching Process

Customized SEO Training for Your Website

SEO coaching is a popular choice with solopreneurs and companies that wish to incorporate SEO into their own content creation processes. The goal of My team and I take care of technical aspects while equipping you to create SEO-focused content using best practices.

The goal is to leave you with a better understanding of what your customers are searching for, create cornerstone content that continually drives traffic, and reduce the amount of time you spend creating content by reducing the need for blogging.

Step One

Get to know your audience

We start off SEO coaching with getting to better understand your target audience and what they're searching for online. We work together to develop a target audience persona, develop a plan onf what kinds of content will best appeal to them, and set SEO goals for your site.

Step Two

Technical SEO Fixes

The next step is to clean up issues on your site that may be negatively affecting your SEO. I take care of technical SEO elements on your website and guide you how to maintain technical SEO when you create new content and add new pages to your site.

Step Three

Make a Conerstone Content Plan

The key to driving lots of traffic to your site often lies in a handful of highly optimized posts. With that in mind, I research SEO keywords related to your audience and website topic to develop a list of cornerstone content ideas for creation. We choose the best ideas together for you to write.

Step Four

Content Creation & Optimization

You write the cornerstone content we've selected together based on outlines and keyword recommendations I provide that make it easy to craft cornerstone content. We optimize the content together and I guide you the process of how to optimize content so you can replicate the process later. Most clients see significant traffic increases within 3 months of publishing cornterstone content.

Step Five

Linkbuilding & Building SEO

As a fnal step, I teach you the basics of linkbuilding and how to continue to build your SEO through PR and outreach strategies to build your website authority. We wrap it up in a final sesion where you can get any clarification on SEO you need before we finish our work togehter.

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My SEO training program is designed in a 3 or 6 month timeline, allowing you to work at the pace that makes the most sense for you. If you're someone who wants to prioritize SEO over other tasks, you can complete the training program in a 3 month time period, though this isn't the most popular timeline. Most of my coaching clients opt for the 6 month timeline because it allows for enough time to manage other parts of their business while taking the course. Typically, you'll dedicate 3-5 hours per week to SEO coaching on the 6 month timeline and twice that on the 3 month timeline.

My SEO training program is designed to help you learn the essentials for success and produce 10 pieces of cornerstone content to help your website rank and gain traffic. It isn't designed to teach you in-depth, technical SEO. In most cases, technical SEO is something that often only needs to be done once so I've found over time that teaching technical SEO is often useless for most people. I take care of some of the essentials as part of my SEO coaching program but if I discover additional SEO work is needed that is out of the scope of what's included (such as penalty recovery), I'll let you know. It's rare, but does happen on occasion.

Some clients also opt to include additional SEO services while working with me to hand off some SEO tasks during our time working together and those are priced on a case by case basis.

No additional tools are required, beyond your website and access to Google Drive. During our coaching work together, I'll deliver recommended keyword lists and other research to you for you to work with. If you want to track your own SEO rankings or do keyword research of your own, I offer SEMRush setup and training as an additional service to show you how to use my favorite SEO tool. (Your own SEMRush subscription is required for additional training.)

Sarah Von Bargen,

"One of the best, smartest, most stress-reducing things I’ve ever done was hire Kim."

We worked together to triple Sarah's revenue in three months, increase her traffic by 325% and set her up for a big business transition.

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SEO Coaching Results

What do I get in the SEO Training Program?

Get the SEO help you need now with hourly consulting and one-time SEO consulting services. I work with you to help you solve your most pressing SEO problems and take care of preserving your SEO.

Personalized Attention

We don't talk about general advice but instead focus specifically on SEO for your particular needs and goals.

10 Cornerstone Posts

You'll have 10 pieces of SEO optimized content designed to get traffic to your website and rank in search results.

Technical SEO Improvements

I take care of technical details and make changes on your website to help you follow best practices for improved rankings.

Clarity on SEO

I'm beside you every step of the way to provide clarity and help you understand key SEO concepts and how you can apply them.

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Meg Biram,

I was connected with Kim through a friend who developed my website. She went out of her way to accommodate my deadlines with my new site launch and helped me in ways that helped me enable myself as well. She answered all of my questions with helpful and actionable responses. I highly recommend her and cannot wait to hire her again!

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