Social Media Marketing Articles

Learn how I've grown traffic from social media to help achieve business goals and drive business growth.

How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically with Your Grid

Learn how I grew my Instagram following in 6 months by 70% using nothing but a auto-publishing tool and techniques that worked (and what didn't).

SEO and Pinterest Description Secrets

SEO and Pinterest are great together except when they're both fighting for the alt tag in images. Here's how to fix that problem with a quick HTML trick.

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is a huge source of traffic but if your pins aren't performing well, you might not get clicks! Here's how to optimize for Pinterest SEO.

How to Find Keyword Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to find new keyword ideas, thanks to Pinterest's Guided Search feature. Learn how to find keywords on Pinterest in this tutorial.

Pinterest Profile Optimization: How I got 346% More Traffic from Pinterest

Learn how to optimize your Pinterest profile to get more traffic using the same steps I did to increase my Pinterest traffic by 346% in 20 minutes!

How to Choose the Right Pinterest Category for your Content

Get more traffic from Pinterest by selecting the right category for your Pinterest board. Learn how to choose the right board category for Pinterest boards.