Minimizing Time on Social Media Without Sacrifice

This week’s Build Your Blog Vlog is all about how you can stop spending so much time on social media without reducing the number of profitable and positive interactions and connections you make with your social media channels. It’s a big problem for most business owners. How do you handle social media and building your business when they both take up so much time? Well, you can’t do both so you have to get rid of one. And social media is the obvious choice.

Ashley Brooks of Brooks Editorial sent in this week’s question:

On this week’s Build Your Blog Vlog, Ashley Brooks of Brooks Editorial asks:

I love interacting with others on social media, especially Twitter and Pinterest (though I’m getting into G+ more now!). But I find myself having less and less time for social media as the business grows. I don’t want to hand it off to someone else, and I already schedule it as much as I can. How do I keep up the connections and interactions with other business owners and writers without taking time away from the day-to-day of growing the business?

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