Choosing the Perfect Social Media Platform for Your Blog

Navigating social media can be a huge chore for bloggers and business owners. Some of us love social and the connections we make. But when you’re looking for the most bang for your buck with your social media time and budget, you need to make sure you’re focusing on the right platform. So which social media platform is right for you?

That’s exactly what Abby, a lovely reader who quote to me with this question, wanted to know. Which social media platform is the best for her blog content promotion?

It all comes down to what you’re best at doing and what suits your content the best. And there can be more than one perfect social media platform for you!

I’m a Pinterest and Twitter girl, for instance, though I’ve been focusing more on improving my Instagram game lately.

Here’s a quick overview but be sure to watch the above video for the in-depth details on how to find the right social media platform for you out of the big four.

Facebook is the best platform for people who:

  • Pay-to-play types that don’t mind spending a bit of money to access the right people
  • Can produce quality photos and videos plus links to high quality websites and articles do well
  • Love to optimize content and keep working on testing out new ideas over and over again

Twitter is the best platform for people who:

  • Conversationalists and cheerleaders who love talking with people, not at them
  • Love to accumulate contacts and do a good job of keeping up with all of them
  • Like interspersing text with images and videos and trying out new features

Instagram is the best platform for people who:

  • Visual storytellers who can create consistency and interest over time with no words
  • Have time to edit photos and tweak but also can shoot well off the cuff
  • Engage with others on the platform and like playing with hashtags

Pinterest is the best platform for people who:

  • Polished and immediate attention getters who follow up with great content behind the photo
  • Savvy photo editors
  • Can deal with and live on high-volumes of less engaged visitors with an eye towards instant conversion instead of long-term courting

I hope this helps you find the perfect social media platform for your content to help you grow a following! Be sure to check out the Social Media posts to get more tips and tricks for social media success.