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Google Ads allows you to buy rankings at the top of Google search results to drive instant traffic to your website. But it's really easy to waste money on if you're not a Google Adwords Expert. PPC is tricky to learn and when you're spending money to get traffic to your website, every mistake is costing you.

I'm an Adwords Consultant that helps businesses more effectively drive traffic from Google Ads with less ad spend waste with a unique integrated method that combines organic SEO with paid search startegies.

If you're looking to hire a PPC expert to manage your Google Ads, my integrated startegy might be what you're looking for.

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Conway Counseling & Wellness,

32.3% Increase in Leads with Google Ads

I worked with a local mental health clinic to get leads to newly opened locations that lead to a big increase in the number of new clients for their practice.

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Adwords Management Services

I offer monthly management services as a Google ads specalist to help businesses hand off their PPC campaign management to an expert. Pricing is based on ad spend and the engagement length, with discounts for a full-year engagement. I also offer discounts for combining Adwords services with SEO consulting.

6-Month Engagement

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Try Google Ads under the guidance of a Google ads expert and see if Google PPC campaigns are right for you.

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Incorporate powerful content marketing strategies with basic SEO to enhance your rankings and drive more traffic.

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All of my Google Ads services include:

  • Google Ads Audit - If you've run Google ads before, we start off with an in-depth audit of your Ad campaigns to see what worked, what didn't, where you can save money, and what strategies may work best.
  • Keyword Research - I use a battery of SEO and SEM tools to research keywords that your ideal clientele are searching for to develop a list of keywords for advertising.
  • Keyword Selection - Together we select the right keywords for your business' growth and I develop a bidding strategy suited towards your business goals.
  • Demographic Targeting - Google Ads can do more than just regional targeting, which is often a missed opportunity by many Google ads managers. I help you isolate the most lucrative demographics for your busienss to set demographic targeting with ads and reduce waste.
  • Ad Grouping - One of the most important parts of Google Ads that you'll get when working with a PPC expert is Ad Grouping strategies. I design how your ads are organized to reap the most benefits.
  • Ad Writing & Testing - Copywriting ads is tricky and small changes can have a huge effect on profitability of your ads. I work with you to create engaging, conversion focused ads that help you reach your goals.
  • Landing Page Development - Landing page optimization and development is available as part of my Google ad management services if your landing pages are underperforming or need help to improve your ad performance and costs.
  • Transparent Reporting - I provide meaningful, transparent reporting so you know how many people clicked your ads, how many leads they produced, and how well your ads are performing at driving your business goals.
  • Routine Check-ins - Google Ads can be hard to understand so we have routine check-ins to make sure you understand what's going on with your ads, how they're performing, and what changes in your business can be incorporated into ad campaigns to get the best results.

Many Google Ads experts don't know anything about SEO. And in most Ads management pricing, Google Ads consultants are paid based on your ad spend. Your Google ad manager is incentivized to get you to spend more money with Google Ads as a result, which means that they'll always advocate to pay for keywords instead of using organic SEO startegies to get a stream of free website traffic. My methods instead focus on getting you the best results through and integrated program of SEO and SEM, balancing out organic SEO rankings with paid strategies to get the best results

Integrated services focus on identify the best way to get traffic from search for your best keywords, either through paid traffic or organic traffic on a grainular level. Most clients see the most benefits from integrated services and choose to work with me for both SEO consulting and PPC consulting.

My SEO consulting packages vary in cost but are designed to be an affordable SEO package for most businesses while delivering a high quality of work. I'm based in Arkansas, which allows me to charge a lower rate than some of my competitors while still providing a high level of service (because the cost of living here is great!). I don't like to post my prices because my competitors closely watch what I do. SEO is cut throat, after all. So please contact me for pricing. I'm more than happy to discuss in a free SEO consultation.
Darby Asner,

"Kim's professionalism and ability to communicate complicated SEO & SEM ins and outs is unparalleled. She is very easy to work with and always prepared. Definitely recommend!"

Google Ads Consulting Process

What is it like to work with a Google Ads Expert?

Above all, I strive to make the process as easy as possible and provide education throughout to help you understand how your Google Ads are working to help your business succeed. While each process is unique to each client, I generally follow this process.

Step One

Inital Free Consultation

We start off with a free initial consultation to take a quick peek under the hood of your website and what Google Ads strategies may work best for your goals. If you're considering a comprehensive approach to marketing, I include SEO analysis and strategy as part of my consultant. Consultations typically last 45 minutes.

Step Two

Develop an Google Ads Plan

The strategy behind your ads is the most important part of your success so we begin things by digging deep into your business' goals and any past ad campaigns you've run to identify a path forward.

Step Three

Google Ads Setup

Depending on your needs, I provide fully-managed Google Ads services, including ad campaign creation, Google ad writing, landing page creation, and optmization. Throughout the process, I send ads to you for approval so you know what's running and what's working.

Step Four

Reporting & Transparency

Transparency is paramount to SEM success on both ends of our partnership. I check in with you throughout our engagement at regular intervals to talk through Google Ads progress and take into account business plans, marketing campaigns, and other information that impacts your overall marekting. I also deliver meaningful monthly reports that help you have a clear understanding of your costs, results, and traffic from search engines.

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