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Need help increasing your organic website traffic? Suffering an organic search traffic drop? Don’t know what to do to improve rankings?

With over 8 years of experience as an SEO consultant helping businesses both big and small grow their traffic, I've developed SEO consulting services that can help your business succeed.

I provide a range of search engine optimization consulting services designed to help your business increase rankings and organic website traffic from search engines. You get the full capabilities of an SEO consulting firm with the personalized attention to detail of an SEO consultant.

As an organic SEO consultant, I offer both one-time consultant SEO services and ongoing SEO support for more complex projects and goals.

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Kim Herrington - SEO Consultant
Paul Jarvis,

992.78% Search Traffic Growth

Search engine consulting massively increased traffic to Paul's website from search engines and increased revenue opportunities in just 8 months.

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SEO Consulting Services

Get the SEO help you need now with hourly consulting and one-time SEO consulting services. I work with you to help you solve your most pressing SEO problems, provide expert insight towards your success, and guide you towards ranking higher in search results.

I’ve developed methods and SEO consulting processes over the last 8 years as an SEO marketing consultant that make it easy and effective for businesses to improve their search rankings with my guidance and expertise.

My role as an expert SEO consultant is to help you empower your business to get to the top of search results, drive traffic, and increase opportunities for success. I work one-on-one with my clients to advise them in a time-limited consulting relationship with specific goals in mind.

SEO Strategy Development

Need help getting a clear picture on how to improve your website’s rankings and your business’ leads? I work one on one with your business to help you identify the path towards success and what it will take to conquer search.

Hourly SEO Consulting

I offer hourly SEO expert consulting services to help take care of SEO issues that don’t require an ongoing SEO campaign. Services include penalty fixes, technical SEO fixes, SEO analysis and recommendations, and other smaller SEO projects.

SEO Audit & Backlink Audit

Get a comprehensive understanding of your SEO with a professional level audit. I take a deep dive to complete a full SEO audit of your website and online presence to identify issues and advise you on how to improve your SEO with actionable recommendations. I also include a backlink audit and disavow file for backlinks cleanup and backlink related ranking issues.

Digital PR & Link Building

Build your online authority and grow your audience with digital PR and link building consulting. I help your business build awareness with highly-targeted, high-quality, earned media placements and backlinks that build your website’s relevancy and authority with search engines and increase brand awareness and market positioning.

Local SEO Consulting

Want to get your local business to the top of Google Maps and local searches? I offer local SEO consulting services to improve your business’ Google My Business listing, localize your small business website, and increase organic traffic to bring more foot traffic and customers to your local business. I also offer multi-location SEO consulting services and small business SEO consultant services for more complex projects.

Thin Content & EAT Improvement

Improve your on-page SEO with thin content strategies and EAT improvement consulting focused on resolving traffic drop issues related to content optimization and relevancy. I audit your website for thin content that needs to be improved and EAT factors to increase rankings and help identify your path towards success.

SEO for Site Migrations

Moving your site from one platform to another? Changing domains? Merging content? Whatever your site move entails, I provide site move support to help you maintain and preserve SEO when making significant changes to your website. I work with site migrations on most major CMS systems, including Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify, OctoberCMS, Wix and Weebly. I also support other vendors and providers that may be working on your website design project with SEO advice throughout the move.

SEO Setup For New Sites

Had a new website designed but it’s not ranking? I provide initial professional SEO setup for new sites that need SEO optimization and advice on how to improve rankings. Site setup includes on-page optimization, technical setup for robots,txt and sitemap files, metadata optimization, and semantic markup, and additional optimization requirements as needed for rich-content strategies.

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Sarah Von Bargen,

"One of the best, smartest, most stress-reducing things I’ve ever done was hire Kim."

My professional SEO consulting services increased her traffic by 325%, tripled her ad revenue, and set her up for a big business transition..

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SEO Consulting Process

What is it like to work with an SEO consultant?

Above all, I strive to make the SEO consulting process as easy as possible and provide education throughout to help you understand how your SEO is working to help your business succeed. While each process is unique to each client, I generally follow this process.

Step One

Inital SEO Consultation

We start off with an initial consultation to take a quick peek under the hood of your website and SEO to make recommendations about how you can achieve your business goals with SEO. I get to know you and your goals, the competitor landscape, and what you’ve done so far to improve rankings. You’ll end the consultation with a clear picture of what’s required for success and to improve your search traffic. Consultations typically last 45 minutes.

Step Two

Develop an SEO Consulting Plan

After our SEO consultation, I’ll develop a plan for your SEO goals that addresses the most important factors for your traffic improvement. We typically start off with a kick off call to discuss your unique SEO plan developed for your business and get clarity on the big picture of what work will be done, when you can expect progress, and anything required of you throughout the process.

Step Three

SEO Consulting Work

Depending on the kind of SEO work being done, I create a production calendar for you to follow along with that includes any approval deadlines and progress goals along the way. SEO is a constantly evolving process and I make adjustments to SEO plans throughout the work, as needed, to help your business get the best results with your search marketing. My marketing team may also work on your project, giving you the full capabilities of an SEO agency with the accountability and approach of a consultant.

Step Four

SEO Reporting & Transparency

Transparency is paramount to SEO success on both ends of our partnership. I check in with you throughout our engagement at regular intervals to talk through SEO progress and take into account business plans, marketing campaigns, and other information that impacts SEO. I help you understand the impact of SEO work on organic search results and how your search engine rankings are improving. Additional factors like conversion rates, business awareness metrics, and other insight also helps you understand the financial impact of SEO for your business.

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Sue De Chiara,

"Kim was so great to work with! She helped an SEO newbie like me get comfortable with the why and the how behind all the important SEO terms."

We worked together to reorganize Sue's content that helped her get a handle on her SEO and seek out new opportunities.

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Common Questions About SEO Consulting Services

SEO consulting tends to focus on one-time or limited-scope engagements focused on solving a specific problem related to rankings or best practices.

Who generally needs consulting services?

  • You’re experiencing a specific problem, like a sudden traffic drop, a new site design causing SEO issues, or progressive decrease in traffic despite your best efforts
  • You want help with a one-time project, like a site audit, backlink audit, site migration, analysis, or strategy development
  • You have your own team of marketers who can implement an SEO plan but you need to know what to do from an pro
  • You need help with a specific campaign or engagement with a time-limited element

Consulting services aren’t the same as ongoing SEO, which focuses on improving SEO through content creation, link building, and ongoing technical fixes. Typically clients who need monthly SEO services don’t have a marketing team and are looking to outsource professional SEO services. I also offer an SEO Roadmap for people who want to DIY their SEO and Google Ads consulting for comprehensive search marketing.

There are a lot of factors that go into how much SEO needs to be done for your website to improve rankings, including the current state of your SEO, your competitors' SEO, your business goals, and other factors that influence rankings. Since SEO is entirely relative to your competitors, what your competitors are doing for SEO is a good gauge of how much SEO needs to be done.

I start off with an initial consultation where I take a look at the current state of your website, SEO, and the competitor landscape to make informed recommendations about what you need to do. Usually, I can make a recommendation of which services are right for you in a few minutes, thanks to lots of experience working with a variety of businesses across a number of industries. I also make sure that you fully understand the package options, SEO process, pricing, and how long it may take to see results.

I price my SEO consulting services based on the scope of the project and the complexity of the work. After an initial consultation, I create a customized consulting package that outlines the work that will be done, costs, and timelines individual to your business.

My SEO consulting packages vary in cost but are designed to be an affordable SEO package for most businesses while delivering a high quality of work. My team is also in-house so the work is under my direction and members of my team have been personally trained and mentored by me.

We’re based in Arkansas, which allows me to charge a lower rate than some of my competitors while still providing a high level of service (because the cost of living here is great!).

Throughout our work together, you’ll interact directly with me and occasionally with members of my team. My team is entirely in-house and work is completed under my supervision. One of my core business values is that my SEO agency provides quality for my clients and a great place to work for my employees.

Not all SEO agencies are designed that way and many outsource work while charging a premium to you for low quality work. Ask who will be actually doing the work and what supervision is like throughout the SEO consulting process—what you learn might surprise you.

Be sure to check out my articles about hiring, working with, and getting the most out of working with an SEO consultant:

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