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Need help increasing your organic website traffic? With over 8 years of experience as an SEO consultant helping large and small businesses grow their traffic, I've developed SEO consulting services that can help your business succeed.

I provide a range of search engine optimization consulting services designed to help your business increase rankings and website traffic from search engines.

As an SEO expert, I offer both one-time SEO services to help you clean up SEO issues as well as ongoing SEO consulting.

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Kim Herrington - SEO Consultant
Paul Jarvis,

992.78% Search Traffic Growth

We worked together to create cornerstone content that massively increased traffic to Paul's website from search engines and increased revenue opportunities in just 8 months.

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SEO Consulting Packages

Growing your business with SEO requires an in-depth understanding of how search engines work today and how SEO can fit into overall marketing strategy to produce meaningful results. Improving your search result rankings requires more than simple keyword optimization strategies—and your SEO campaign should take that into consideration.

As an SEO marketing consultant, I’ve developed three core SEO packages that help businesses improve their search rankings with the guidance and expertise of years of helping businesses get to the top of search results.

Basic SEO

6 and 12 month engagements

Hand off your SEO to a trusted SEO expert and start building the basic foundations for success.

  • SEO Audit
  • Competitor Research
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Basic Technical SEO
  • Backlink Audit & Disavowal
  • Content Reorganization & Interlinking

Enhanced SEO

6 and 12 month engagements

Incorporate powerful content marketing strategies with basic SEO to enhance your rankings and drive more traffic.

  • Everything in Basic SEO
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Advanced Technical SEO

Ultimate SEO

12 month engagements

Develop high quality backlinks that influence your business’ rankings the most and earn organic media mentions.

  • Everything in Enhanced SEO
  • Competitor Backlink Auditing
  • PR
  • Comprehensive Technical SEO

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Each package incorporates different levels of SEO work. To give you a better understanding of what each includes, here are some more in-depth explanations:

  • SEO Audit - The beginning of our work together starts with an SEO audit and competitor research to get a complete picture of your website’s current SEO. Based on the results of the audit, I create a prioritized action plan for your site’s SEO to address the biggest, most impactful concerns first and work through what needs to be fixed or altered for better performance.
  • Competitor Research - SEO is relative to your competition and knowing what your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths are is the first step to developing a plan to improve your SEO. I analyze SEO for your top competitors in search, closely focusing on content and link building gaps your website might have. Together, we make a plan to help you implement marketing campaigns to beat out your competition.
  • SEO Monitoring - Measurement is essential to SEO success and routine reporting is a standard part of all my SEO packages. I set up SEO monitoring to watch for changes in your most important keywords and traffic from search engines to give us an accurate gauge of progress in SEO improvements.
  • Keyword Research - Finding the right keywords is somewhat of an art of balancing business goals with ranking difficulties and timelines for success. I help you identify the right keywords for your website with extensive keyword research and identify short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals for your SEO campaign. For customers who also use my paid search services, I use an overarching strategy to incorporate paid and organic together to create one cohesive search engine marketing strategy.
  • Keyword Optimization - After discovering the ideal keywords for your business’ growth, I optimize your website content for those keywords to help your content rank higher in search results. Keyword optimization includes changing words throughout website copy, adding copy to existing pages, and making changes to your website for SEO purposes.
  • Basic Technical SEO - Google and other search engines use specialized code to better understand your website. I create files and code improvements to metadata to help your website better communicate with search engines with basic technical SEO improvements.
  • Backlink Audit & Disavowal - Links back to your website can have a negative effect on your rankings if they’re poor quality. I audit your backlinks to find links that may be hurting your SEO and submit a list to Google to remove them from consideration about your site’s rankings.
  • Content Reorganization & Interlinking - Search engines place a high priority on content being easy to find and access and your site’s overall organization can impact your rankings.
  • Content Gap Analysis - I audit your website for missed content marketing opportunities based on intensive keyword research and competitor analysis. Together, we develop a list of content opportunities that fit your ideal clientele and can build a positive perception of your brand online.
  • Content Strategy - With content gaps in hand, I develop a content marketing strategy that plans out what content needs to be created and the timelines for launching new content to best take advantage of your unique business opportunities. I work closely with you to create content in your company’s tone and voice and that appeals to your best customers.
  • Content Marketing - My team and I create optimized content written specifically for your business. We produce high quality content that is unique to your business and transfer copyrights to your business. You own your content and can reuse it across channels and in other marketing materials as needed, making this a great investment for overarching marketing strategy.
  • Advanced Technical SEO - Go beyond the basics and improve your website’s code to increase your rankings. I help advise on how to improve your website’s loading times, mobile-friendliness, and other advanced features that impact your rankings.
  • Competitor Backlink Auditing - Your SEO is relative to your competitors so beating their backlink profile is an important step. I audit your competitors’ links from other websites to find the best opportunities for your website to improve SEO and develop a plan to help obtain links from various websites that link to your competitors.
  • Link Earning - Backlinks are the number one factor that influences SEO. I use a variety of ethical practices to help your website earn meaningful backlinks from authority websites.
  • PR - Beyond just earning links, press mentions can have a huge impact on your business’ ability to succeed. I combine SEO with PR strategies to help your business gain earned media mentions and links.
  • Comprehensive Technical SEO - I bring a lot more than just SEO experience to my highest package level and help clients achieve the highest level of technical optimization as an experienced website developer.

There are a lot of factors that go into how much SEO needs to be done for your website to improve rankings, including the current state of your SEO, your competitors' SEO, your business goals, and other factors that influence rankings. Since SEO is entirely relative to your competitors, what your competitors are doing for SEO is good guage of how much SEO needs to be done. I help businesses determine where they stand with a free SEO consultation and take a peek under their website's hood to see what's going on and do a quick audit of what competitors are doing. Usually, I can make a recommendation of which package is right for you in a few minutes, thanks to lots of experience working with a variety of businesses across a number of industries. I also make sure that you fully understand the package options, SEO process, pricing, and how long it may take to see results.

My SEO consulting packages vary in cost but are designed to be an affordable SEO package for most businesses while delivering a high quality of work. I'm based in Arkansas, which allows me to charge a lower rate than some of my competitors while still providing a high level of service (because the cost of living here is great!). I don't like to post my prices because my competitors closely watch what I do. SEO is cut throat, after all. So please contact me for pricing. I'm more than happy to discuss in a free SEO consultation.

Be sure to check out my articles about hiring, working with, and getting the most out of working with an SEO consultant:

Sarah Von Bargen,

"One of the best, smartest, most stress-reducing things I’ve ever done was hire Kim."

We worked together to triple Sarah's revenue in three months, increase her traffic by 325% and set her up for a big business transition.

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One-Time SEO Consulting Services

Get the SEO help you need now with hourly consulting and one-time SEO consulting services. I work with you to help you solve your most pressing SEO problems and take care of preserving your SEO.

Hourly SEO Consulting

I offer hourly SEO expert consulting services to help take care of SEO issues that don’t require an ongoing SEO campaign. Services include penalty fixes, technical SEO fixes, SEO analysis and recommendations, and other smaller SEO projects.

SEO Audit & Disavow File

Get a comprehensive understanding of your SEO with a professional level audit. I use search engine marketing consultant tools to complete a full SEO audit of your website and online presence to identify issues and advise you on how to improve your SEO with an SEO roadmap. I also include a backlink audit and disavow file for backlinks cleanup and backlink related ranking issues.

SEO for Site Migrations

Moving your site from one platform to another? Changing domains? Merging content? Whatever your site move entails, I provide site move support to help you maintain and preserve SEO when making significant changes to your website. I work with site migrations on most major CMS systems, including Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify, OctoberCMS, Wix and Weebly. I also support other vendors and providers that may be working on your website design project with SEO advice throughout the move.

SEO Setup For New Sites

Had a new website designed but it’s not ranking? I provide initial SEO setup for new sites that need SEO optimization. Site setup includes on-page optimization, technical setup for robots,txt and sitemap files, metadata optimization, and semantic markup, and additional optimization requirements as needed for rich-content strategies.

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Sue De Chiara,

"Kim was so great to work with! She helped an SEO newbie like me get comfortable with the why and the how behind all the important SEO terms."

We worked together to reorganize Sue's content that helped her get a handle on her SEO and seek out new opportunities.

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SEO Consulting Process

What is it like to work with an SEO consultant?

Above all, I strive to make the process as easy as possible and provide education throughout to help you understand how your SEO consulting is working to help your business succeed. While each process is unique to each client, I generally follow this process.

Step One

Inital Free Consultation

We start off with a free initial consultation to take a quick peek under the hood of your website and SEO to see what services you may need and make recommendations about how you can achieve your business goals with SEO. You’ll end the consultation with a clear picture of what’s required and what my recommendations are, plus pricing for services. Consultations typically last 45 minutes.

Step Two

Develop an SEO Plan

No matter what SEO services you choose, we always start off with a kick off call to discuss your unique SEO plan developed for your business and unique needs. I develop an SEO Roadmap for your business to help you know the big picture of what work will be done, when you can expect progress, and anything required of you throughout the process.

Step Three

SEO Consulting Work

Depending on the kind of SEO work being done, I create a production calendar for you to follow along with that includes any approval deadlines and progress goals along the way. SEO is a constantly evolving process and I make adjustments to SEO plans throughout the work, as needed, to help your business get the best results with your search marketing.

Step Four

Reporting & Transparency

Transparency is paramount to SEO success on both ends of our partnership. I check in with you throughout our engagement at regular intervals to talk through SEO progress and take into account business plans, marketing campaigns, and other information that impacts SEO. For ongoing SEO engagements, I also deliver meaningful monthly reports that help you have a clear understanding of your rankings and traffic from search engines.

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