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Does Your Traffic Look Like This?

You have a website traffic problem...

  • You spend hours writing a post & feel super confident 💪
  • You hit publish, ready to watch traffic roll in 📈
  • You share the post on social & get some traffic! Yay! 🎉
  • But within a few days, that traffic dies to a trickle 😬
  • And then disappears completely 😔
viral traffic spike

You just can't seem to crack how to get consistent traffic without wearing yourself out.

So you keep trying the same tactic—and getting the same results...


Someone showed a different way to grow traffic?

And how that traffic could impact your revenue?

I'm here to show you how you can use strategic, ethical SEO tactics to get to the top of search results, transform your website traffic, and grow your business with highly qualified leads.

Join me for a peek behind the curtain of what successful traffic campaigns look like and how you can start building your traffic.

Show Me How!
Kim Herrington - Your SEO Masterclass Host

How One Business Owner Increased Search Traffic 992%

If you've heard of Paul Jarvis, you know that he's a marketing powerhouse—but even he couldn't figure out how to use SEO to increase his website traffic.

Together, we used ethical SEO tactics to increase his rankings—and his revenues.

  • Paul's site got to the top of search results
  • The traffic was highly qualified, looking for EXACTLY what he was selling
  • And years later, Paul is still on the top of search and reaps the financial benefits!
Kim Herrington - Your SEO Masterclass Host

Kim Herrington

I help small business owners increase their traffic to achieve meaningful financial results for their businesses.

I've helped small businesses to increase traffic with ethical, strategic SEO for the last 7 years. My favorite part is creating business breakthroughs with SEO consulting and SEO coaching services.

I'm sharing insights I've learned building traffic for some of the most successful small business owners in my guide, so be sure to request yours!

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Want to get my expert opinion on your traffic growth strategy? Apply for a one-on-one consultation. Consultations typically last an hour and include:

  • My analysis of the best traffic growth opportunities for your website
  • A plan of what you'll need to commit to for traffic growth
  • Personalized advice and answers to your traffic growth questions
  • Information about my services for your needs & goals

After you complete the form, I'll take a look at your website and do some preliminary SEO research. Why do I do analysis beforehand? SEO doesn't work for everyone and I believe ethical sales practices!

If I believe my methods may be the right fit, I'll send you a link to schedule your consultation. Consultations can be done on Google Meet or by phone.

Pricing for services is based on project size and services provided but most clients spend a minimum of $1,500 for monthly SEO & content creation and one-time SEO work and coaching starts at $2,500.

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