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kim herrington search traffic consultant

Grow Your Traffic with Confidence

Go beyond the basics with advanced search engine optimization and search engine marketing services focused on real-world results for your brand.

SEO Consulting

Bring in the experts to take care of your SEO and content marketing to grow traffic.

SEO Coaching

Learn best practices, take care of technical SEO with ease, and drive more traffic.

Pinterest Management

Get more traffic with managed Pinterest services and Promoted Pins.

Google Ads

Drive paid traffic to your site with Google Ads for quick wins & instant traffic.

Sarah Von Bargen,

"One of the best, smartest, most stress-reducing things I’ve ever done was hire Kim."

We worked together to triple Sarah's revenue in three months, increase her traffic by 325% and set her up for a big business transition.

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kimberly herrington Search traffic growth consultant

Want to get serious about search?

You're in the right place. My focus is on creating big changes for big results, not small tweaks and on-page keyword strategies that eek out tiny performance improvements.

I offer free 45 minute consultations to qualified applicants to discover what strategies may work best for you to grow your traffic today.

Paul Jarvis,

992.78% Search Traffic Growth

We worked together to create cornerstone content that massively increased traffic to Paul's website from search engines and increased revenue opportunities in just 8 months.

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grow your traffic guide

Free Search Traffic Building Guide

How to increase website traffic today

Learn how to maximize your traffic from search engines using organic and paid traffic strategies.