How to Find Keyword Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great source of keyword ideas thanks to Guided Search and provides a lot of insight into how and what people are searching for on the platform. Pinterest’s guides, or the boxes up at the top of Pinterest search results, help Pinterest users navigate interests and explore ideas topically. The other advantage to using these guides for keyword ideas is they change dynamically based on user engagement with the highest trending and engaging guides at the forefront of the guide list.

Here’s how to grab all the keywords from Pinterest’s Guided Search and use them to create new content ideas.

How to Find Keywords on Pinterest

  1. Type in your main search idea into Pinterest search on a desktop computer and pull up the results page.
  2. Below the search bar, click just in front of the first guide box and drag down while holding the mouse button down. You’ll select the entire list this way.
  3. Copy the list and paste it into a text editor. As a tip, paste as plain text if you can to prevent the images being copied over too.
  4. Now you have an entirely new list of keyword ideas in order of engagement and popularity according to Pinterest!
How to use Pinterest to find new keyword ideas

Keep in mind that these change depending on user gender and location and might change based on individual preferences too, based on what Pinterest has stated on their engineering blog. Your audience might see different keywords at the top of Guided Search but this is definitely a start on the right path.

What to do with Pinterest Keyword Ideas

How to find keywords with Pinterest and how to use Pinterest Keywords

Now that you have your list of keyword ideas from Pinterest, it’s time to put them to work. Here’s some ideas on how to use these keywords.

  • Plug them into Keyword Planner Tool to get traffic estimates and see which are the most valuable or get new keyword ideas. (Don’t know how to use KPT? Take my SEO 101 course!)
  • Create new Pinterest boards around these topic areas to gain traction on Pinterest.
  • Optimize old pins for new keywords.
  • Repin old content with new keywords in the description.
  • Create new content for your blog, podcast, video, newsletter, and social media channels.
  • Review old content in the keyword niche and rewrite to include any new keywords if necessary.

I hope this technique helps you find more SEO keyword ideas from Pinterest and uses a tool for SEO you’ve never thought of using before! Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest if that’s your favorite social media platform for great SEO and Analytics tips.

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