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What to do if you were affected by Google's Medic Update and YMYL
24th August 2018

What is YMYL? What should you do if you were affected by the Google Medic update?

Google made core update on on August 1st and 50% of all website affected were in the medical space. SEO Pros are calling this update the Google Medic update—and Google confirmed it. But Google hasn’t been super helpful on what to do if you saw traffic decreases because of this update. So what should you […]

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How to optimize your Pinterest profile to get more Pinterest traffic
15th February 2017

Pinterest Profile Optimization: How I got 346% More Traffic from Pinterest

Optimizing your Pinterest profile can do wonders when it comes to getting more traffic from Pinterest. I don’t need to tell you that Pinterest can be a huge source of traffic for your website—but it’s usually a big time commitment to attract more clicks from Pinterest. That being said, I used a quick trick recently on […]

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Create a 2017 marketing plan for your day to day marketing activities and marketing mix
2nd January 2017

How to Create a Meaningful Marketing Plan for Your Business

I’m sure you know what you want to achieve in 2017—but do you know what to focus on to get you there? Daily marketing tasks are some of the most important parts of your business when it comes to getting new customers in 2017. But you might be spending your time and money on the wrong marketing mix. The […]

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Free keyword research tools for SEO
20th September 2016

Free Alternatives to Google Keyword Planner Tool

If you’re not advertising with Google and have been using Keyword Planner Tool for SEO research, keyword information is likely become limited quickly. Here’s a list of free alternatives for keyword research worth trying.

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Best SEO Plugins for Wordpress
16th September 2016

11 SEO Plugins You Haven’t Heard Of

Everyone knows Yoast’s SEO Plugin and All-In-One SEO. But what about SEO plugins you haven’t heard of? Get the list of my favorite SEO plugins for your Wordpress website.

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Google's new popup penalty targets websites with annoying popups that get between users and content on mobile.
31st August 2016

Google’s New Popup Penalty & What it Means

Google will start penalizing websites that use intrusive popups, which means lower rankings or even being removed from search results entirely. Learn more about the Popup Penalty and what it means for your site.

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How to republish a guest post
13th August 2016

Can I Republish My Guest Post?

You’ve written a guest post for another website and want to share it on your own blog—but how can you do it without getting dinged for duplicate content on your own website and do it right when it comes to SEO? Here’s how.

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12th August 2016

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are essential to SEO—but can be tricky at first to understand. If you want to learn what meta tags are and how to use them with SEO, read on! Learn all you need to know about meta tags, how to use them, and the different types you need to know about.

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Essential Guide to fixing 404 errors on your website
7th June 2016

404 Errors: Essential Guide

404 errors popping up in your Google Search Console reports or showing up in Google Analytics? Take a deep breath and don’t panic.

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Find new keyword ideas with Pinterest
11th May 2016

How to Find Keyword Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great source of keyword ideas thanks to Guided Search and provides a lot of insight into how and what people are searching for on the platform. It’s also a great way to find new keyword ideas!

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