What is YMYL? What should you do if you were affected by the Google Medic update?

Google made core update on on August 1st and 50% of all website affected were in the medical space. SEO Pros are calling this update the Google Medic update—and Google confirmed it. But Google hasn’t been super helpful on what to do if you saw traffic decreases because of this update. So what should you do if you were affected by the Google Medic Update?

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Pinterest Profile Optimization: How I got 346% More Traffic from Pinterest

Optimizing your Pinterest profile can do wonders when it comes to getting more traffic from Pinterest. I don’t need to tell you that Pinterest can be a huge source of traffic for your website—but it’s usually a big time commitment to attract more clicks from Pinterest. That being said, I used a quick trick recently on December 31, 2016 to increase my Pinterest traffic by 346% in just twenty minutes. And it’s something you can do to optimize your Pinterest profile and get more Pinterest traffic too.

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How to Create a Meaningful Marketing Plan for Your Business

I’m sure you know what you want to achieve—but do you know what to focus on to get you there? Daily marketing tasks are some of the most important parts of your business when it comes to getting new customers. But you might be spending your time and money on the wrong marketing mix.

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Free Alternatives to Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google has stopped providing traffic volume numbers in Keyword Planner Tool for “lower spending” Adwords accounts. Instead, we’re seeing ranges for traffic volumes—which means it’s significantly harder to judge which keywords are worthwhile to target.

If you’re not advertising with Google and have been using Keyword Planner Tool for SEO research, keyword information is likely become limited quickly. 

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11 SEO Plugins You Haven’t Heard Of

Everyone knows Yoast’s SEO Plugin and All-In-One SEO. But what about SEO plugins you haven’t heard of? I use certain SEO plugins in my work developing WordPress websites and doing SEO for my clients—and these plugins are my go-to resources for making WordPress websites SEO workhorses.

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Google’s New Popup Penalty & What it Means

Google's new popup penalty is in effectUpdate Jan 10, 2017: Google confirmed that the new penalty has rolled out and we’re starting to see the effects of the new penalty affecting websites that still had popups enabled for mobile devices. Take a look at the graph for a comparison of rankings before and after for a select set of keywords we’re currently tracking using SEMRush.

If you keep up with SEO news, you’ve likely seen that Google announced they’re not the biggest fan of interstitials, or what us non-techy types call a popup. They’re going to start penalizing websites that use intrusive popups, which means lower rankings or even being removed from search results entirely.

If your website uses intrusive popups, you need to remove those puppies by January 2017 or suffer some nasty consequences.

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404 Errors: Essential Guide

404 errors popping up in your Google Search Console reports or showing up in Google Analytics? Take a deep breath and don’t panic. Some 404 errors are totally okay and don’t have a negative effect on SEO. But there are some 404 errors that need to be fixed to stop 404 errors from hurting your SEO.

In this essential guide to 404 errors, you’ll find everything you need to know about 404 errors, including what a 404 error is, if a 404 error is bad for SEO, how to find 404 errors on your website, how to fix 404s, and how to prevent 404 errors from happening to you.

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How to Find Keyword Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great source of keyword ideas thanks to Guided Search and provides a lot of insight into how and what people are searching for on the platform. Pinterest’s guides, or the boxes up at the top of Pinterest search results, help Pinterest users navigate interests and explore ideas topically. The other advantage to using these guides for keyword ideas is they change dynamically based on user engagement with the highest trending and engaging guides at the forefront of the guide list.

Here’s how to grab all the keywords from Pinterest’s Guided Search and use them to create new content ideas.

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